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Dec. 3rd, 2012 11:26 pm
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(Look! Texans icon! I made it myself!)

More Houston-Galveston stuff, some of which refers to yesterday's entry:
  • Aw man, I knew it was probably coming, but Jim Deshaies is leaving us for the Cubs. I adore that man. (But I'm not sure I adore him enough that I'll go watch Cubs games just for him. Of course, if the Astros are bad enough this next year, that may start to look like a more attractive option.)
  • In other (ex-)Astros news, Brad Lidge is probably retiring. Also, bonus footage there of the Astros clinching in 2005. (Rob and I were watching the faces and in some cases the jerseys during the scrum, and going, "Berkman! Biggio! Clemens!" Damn, that was a good team, even if they couldn't win a WS game.)
  • I had to go to Galveston today for a doctor's appointment, and the other Carnival ship was in today. I got out of my appointment right at 4:30, which I have learned over the past couple of years is about the time that the ships usually depart. You could tell that anyway, because when I got back downtown, half the passengers were lined up looking over the railings. To me this always brings to mind old black-and-white movies where the passengers line up to wave at their loved ones who are waving back from below. But nobody is going to stand around to watch you leave when you're just going sailing around the Gulf of Mexico for five days or whatever it is. Plus most of the passengers arrive on buses or park remotely, so there's nobody to watch, in any case. (I'm sure the passengers aren't really lining up for that at all, they're just watching the ship pull out. Still amuses me just the same.)
  • I said confidently yesterday that the Texans game was taping (by which I actually meant DV-R'ing, of course, but that just doesn't have the same ring to it) so of course when I got home it hadn't worked properly, and I only got the last hour or so. I didn't really care that much, anyway, but I really should probably investigate what happened there. It seems to have switched on at three o'clock or something, and our games are nearly always at noon. Honestly, U-verse, you're supposed to just read my mind! (And often it seems to. I'm terribly spoiled, really.)
  • Also, the Texans have serious injury problems. They coped with it pretty well, yesterday, but that was just the Titans. New England may be another story.
Note to self: 45 minutes is too long of a drive for a routine doctor appointment. (As the university knows full well, it's why they have about a zillion clinics scattered all over the north half of the county.)

(I was going to add a picture of the rather excessive holiday decorations around our apartment complex, but my phone isn't cooperating. Sorry.)
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Remember how I said I wasn't sick any more? Apparently I was mistaken about that. Which is sort of odd - I had two fairly crud-free days in a row, but today it's back. I don't know how I managed that, but oh well.

I am watching "A Christmas Carol" (the Doctor Who one, I mean) - I watched it last weekend when we got home, but I was distracted by something or other and was paying attention to the second half more than the first. Now that I've watched the whole thing, I have to say it makes a lot more sense. Speaking of making sense, we watched some episodes yesterday that I had not seen, or at least only half-seen - some parts of it I'd seen and some I hadn't. I don't remember why that was. ([livejournal.com profile] nonelvis , do you remember trying to explain the whole Stolen Earth/Journey's End thing to me, a while back? It was that, and I have to say I see why you had trouble.)

I did drag myself out of the house today to go to dinner. Other than that I just played a lot of Guild Wars. (It was the annual Wintersday New Year's festivities - the "hats" this year were a halo and and some really creepy horns.) Oh, and I watched the Rose Parade. My favorite was the Pac-Man float.

I'm sure there was football somewhere around today that I didn't come across (I wasn't looking very hard, let's face it) but it seems to me that New Year's Day is a shadow of its former self when it comes to football. Another thing to lay at the feet of the BCS, I suppose!

I'm always trying to write entries late at night when I'm falling asleep, and this is another of those days. I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open - so good night, and happy new year to you all, once again!
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I talked Rob into going out to eat with me tonight, and going to Half Price Books afterwards. I can't ever get him to go anywhere on work nights - I don't even try any more - but since he doesn't have to work tomorrow, I kidnapped him as soon as we got home and we went and ate Italian (just for fun, we went to a different Italian restaurant than the one we normally go to!) and then went book shopping. I completely forgot to buy anything for my father - that tells you how disconnected I've been from my normal Christmas preparations this year, 'cause normally I think of things like that a lot earlier in the process than December 23rd. I almost always buy my dad books, thus the trip to Half Price - they always have a good selection of the kind of thing he's interested in. Don't ask me the name of the book I bought - something about the days leading up to Pearl Harbor. My dad says himself that I have a good track record for picking books he'll like, so hopefully this one will work.

Jay Thomas is on Letterman right now, telling a story that I've heard before, I'm pretty sure. Maybe it's part of the Christmas tradition, along with throwing footballs. (Letterman seems to have a lot of Christmas traditions, after all these years. Wonder if Paul has done his Cher imitation yet.)

I mentioned something about nail polish and small children's gifts, or something to that effect, yesterday. I meant to talk about the highly important subject of my Christmas-green nail polish, I think, which I am now going to have to re-do, or at least touch up, because my nails have pink and purple paint stuck to them, from said small children's gifts. I had to go and buy something that needs painting. (I am still working on this. I'll try to remember to take a picture when I get done. I hope to god these gifts are not totally embarrassing in the end. Of course the kids in question, who are quite small, will probably think they're great no matter what.)

Stuff about A Game of Thrones, with one fairly mild spoiler. )


Dec. 14th, 2010 02:44 am
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I'm not doing all that well with Holidailies - I think that little number on the front page was what usually kept me going, and that's not there this year to prod me. Still, I haven't given up yet.

I've been watching Doctor Who season 2, most of which I haven't seen but once or twice - and I've finally hit an episode I haven't seen ("The Idiot's Lantern"). Rob and I were watching "Love and Monsters" which I had seen but he hadn't, and then we watched the rest of the disk ("The Impossible Planet" - which I might not have seen before either, come to think of it, but I had seen "The Satan Pit"). Rob was not really a Doctor Who fan until recently, but he seems to be getting more interested now. I knew he'd like "Love and Monsters" because of all the ELO, if nothing else. Rob loves him some ELO.

I'm trying to do Weight Watchers again. If you follow these things (hey, it was in the New York Times), you know that WW has changed their program lately, and that it's somewhat controversial. Well, not really controversial unless you're part of the Cult of Points (aka the old system). I didn't realize how freakishly attached some people were to the whole point system until this happened, even though I've been going to meetings off and on for years. There's still a point system, it's just changed some. They're making an attempt to keep up with all the latest in food science. The old system calculated points by the calories/fat/fiber in a food. The new system throws calories out the window and goes by fat/carbs/protein/fiber. It seems to make a good bit of difference - some carb-heavy foods, in particular, seem to have gone up a lot. Still, it seems workable. You can now eat all the fruit you want, and I like fruit, so that makes a big difference to me. We'll see how it goes. My history has been that I can stay on WW in the short term but not the long term, so I don't know if unlimited fruit is enough to make a difference.

The color of the year for 2011 is "honeysuckle", according to Pantone. Which is a dark pink - not the color that the honeysuckle around here is (as the WSJ article notes - ours is the yellowish kind) so I'm kind of thrown by the name. But I really like that color, whatever it's called. I'm a fan of pink, in general - I've been threatening for ages to make an all-pink quilt - but I particularly like that dark almost-red pink. I've been seeing it around the last few years and I didn't know what to call it. Now I guess I know!

Anybody make icons? I really feel the need for an icon that says, "You're an elf. You go Keeble!" (from here) - I do have Elements so I suppose I could figure out how to do it myself if I tried, though.

Teh random

Jan. 2nd, 2009 09:37 pm
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I am cleaning, and it's no fun. Which makes a "random" entry a good thing to do in the intervals when I run out of steam. I HAD to go and offer to cook lunch for Daddy and Barbara tomorrow. (I still have to go to HEB and buy groceries, too.)

1. I have "I Kissed a Girl" (the Katy Perry one, that is) stuck in my head and it's starting to drive me crazy.

2. Sort of related to that - only because I made it related - my Facebook status is still on what I set it on Wednesday night, which was "waves bye-bye to 2008. It's lucky I don't kick it in the ass on the way out." I think that little piece of bitterness has been there quite long enough and it's time to change to something else. So I just changed it to "has 'I Kissed a Girl' stuck in her head."

3. I am really tired of these commercials about how your antenna TV is going to stop working soon. Surely if people haven't figured it out in the past SIX MONTHS, they're not going to get it now.

4. Like [info]karen_d , I am interested in cemeteries - although maybe to a lesser degree - and through this entry I found this website which has pictures and info on many cemeteries, including George Cemetery, which is the cemetery that most of my mother's family is buried in, and which I have posted pictures of before, I believe. I am going to have to dig through my pictures, because I should be able to add some information that's not already there. I am related to all of those Batson and Martins on that list (my grandmother was a Martin, and the Batsons are cousins in some way I'm not sure about), but my more immediate relatives are missing as yet.

5. Ghost Whisperer was a kind of dumb show to begin with, but seeing the repeats makes me realize how much it's gone downhill this season. (It's one of those shows that I only watch at all because Rob does - when I'm sitting at the computer right next to the TV it's hard to ignore.) The changes they made this year - I'm trying to say this without being spoilery - were not at all to my taste, let's say.
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Wanna know why I am getting so much into jewelry? It's all Elise's fault. God, I love that necklace. I want to be able to make something like that someday. (And I also would like to be able to sell things that cost $700 and change, incidentally!)

I had a watchface I hadn't made up my mind what to do with, so I made a watchband out of jet beads for that, finally - which I keep forgetting to take pictures of - and last night I made two more bracelets and some earrings. My sister thinks that we should try to get accepted to sell at the Nutcracker Market this fall (big, big gift show held in Houston every November) so obviously I need to get to work. I'm watching very closely about what items I wear that people admire, and so forth. Doing something big like Nutcracker Market is going to be scary when I'm not entirely sure what's going to sell. I really think the little short dangly earrings that I've been making out of Czech beads* will sell well to that sort of crowd, though. I guess I just need to make a lot of those in wintry colors and cross my fingers. (Which is not to say that that's all I will make, anyway. I will try out a number of things.)

Incidentally, I was telling[personal profile] columbina  about my watch with the jet beads and we ended up discussing the Wikipedia entry on jet. (Jet is actually a petrified wood - sort of similar in composition to high-grade coal, oddly.) We is geeks.

Speaking of geeky, I am fascinated by stuff like this: Dino-Era Feathers Found Encased in Amber

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I was complaining last week about it being so cold and damp, but it's warmed up this week - I think it's probably doing to be in the 60s today. I also think it's supposed to get cooler again soon, though.

I had a massive sinus headache all day yesterday and it seems to be coming back today. There must be some serious pollen in the air, or something, because everybody is sick. There were four people (out of ten) in the office yesterday, and two of those four were sick. Everybody is here today but they are all sneezing and sniffling and dragging around.

We didn't do much over the weekend. I played a lot of GuildWars. We did go to see Juno, which I ended up liking a lot. Rob did too. [personal profile] ursulahitlerand I had discussed in my comments that the clips we had seen didn't make either of us want to go see the movie very much, but then again, it got a very high ranking on rottentomatoes, and I have gotten where I rely an awful lot on those. Juno was running at 93% there, and that's basically the main reason I went. It did seem sort of overwritten and excessively cute at the beginning (first-time screenwriter syndrome, I imagine), but once it gets rolling that mostly stops. The girl's performance is mostly what makes it work, I think. Really extraordinary.

We have also been running our own little "Lost" season 3 marathon - we had stopped watching 4 or 5 episodes in, but we ended up with a copy of the full season, since my nephew told one too many people (apparently) to get him that for Christmas. And we decided since the new episodes were starting up, we might as well just catch up. And everybody who told us that season 3 perked up after those first few episodes was right. We have definitely gotten into it - which is just as well because we waited until rather the last minute to start this. New episodes start Thursday. We have 5 old episodes to go - I think we're going to make it.

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I have been reading "Wicked" and I finished earlier. I thought it ended awfully abruptly, although of course you knew all along how it had to end. (Although don't I recall somebody saying that they tinkered with the ending for the musical?) Anyway, I had had a previous try with it as a Book on Tape, and I only got about halfway through - but Books on Tape are problematic for me due to my very short commute. It takes ages for me to finish anything if I'm listening in the car, so I don't think it was that I didn't like it, exactly, I just lost steam. With the paperback I plowed right through it in a few days. I will have to start again and go slower. (I think that means that I liked it, don't you?)

Also, I never got around to saying that we went to see "Sweeney Todd" on Sunday - neither of us had seen the musical so we didn't exactly know what to expect, but we both liked it. But then we have always both been Tim Burton fans, and of course Rob loves things like Hammer films so that kind of Grand Guignol stuff is really right up his alley. I didn't have any problem with the singing - Johnny Depp turned out to be a better singer than Ms Bonham-Carter, definitely, but I thought her little wispy voice worked pretty well, on the whole.

We have shiny new digital cable so we have been watching BBC America and things like Indieplex, some. We watched two Torchwood episodes Saturday night, and then Graham Norton afterwards, which was really a hoot. I am not a Doctor Who fan in a huge way like some of you people on my f-list, so I wasn't sure whether I would get into Torchwood or not, but I like what I've seen so far. More X-Files-ish than Doctor-ish, on the whole.

And then[personal profile] nonelvis  went and linked elsewhere to the trailer for the new series, which I couldn't bear not to watch. I know all the big Torchwood fans have seen it already, but there may be some Spike fans who have missed it, so I will see if I can get it to embed correctly (my first YouTube link!):

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The Amazing Race is really entertainingly strange this year. The comedy gold (if that's what you'd call it) is mostly coming from a pair of crazy old men, or older men who act crazy, anyway - I don't think they're all that old, by real-world standards. One is competing with his daughter and the other with his grandson. To make it even more confusing, they're named Ronald and Donald. You can read all about them in the EW recap here.

Remember the other day when I mentioned that I didn't think trading Brad Lidge was a very good idea? Apparently I am not the only one thinking about this question. (Warning: that link started playing video at me when I clicked on it. Not really good if you're at work. Which I know *some* of you aren't, today!) And their analysis is that Philly got a good deal, which by definition rather means that Houston may have gotten a bad one.

I have been cranky today about being at work when other people get the day off. It's very annoying. I thought state employees were supposed to get every holiday known to man.

Oh, another Astros-related thing: their star rookie Hunter Pence is in the new issue of PCGamer. Apparently he plays World of Warcraft.
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I was looking at that picture I posted yesterday, and in case anybody is paying attention: yes, those are part of the seasonal decorations I was talking about liking so much that are visible in that picture. However, I have to add a disclaimer, that those damn scarecrows are not the part I was talking about, cause I hate those things. Ugh. Luckily they are not really in my line of sight. You can see my gargoyle in that picture, incidentally, but "Gene Simmons" (I think - I am not really up on my Kiss) is mostly hiding my skull wreath with her head - you can see just a bit of it sticking out on one side. I suppose I have to take those down now - although maybe I can get away with leaving them up until tomorrow and saying it's for Day of the Dead.

Darnit, the icon reminds me that I meant to watch Nightmare Before Christmas last night and I forgot, by the time I pried Rob away from the damn live Ghosthunters episode. (Which was boring as hell. Oh, look, the ball rolled across the floor by itself. Scary!)

And I better save any more rambling for the NaBloPoMo entry that I will have to do later, I suppose. But I figured I better not complain about those scarecrows in a public post, since one of my co-workers (who I am otherwise very fond of) bought the stupid things.[personal profile] platypus said that she might do Holidailies instead of NaBloPoMo, and try to write real entries instead of just rambling. Which is what I usually try to do for Holidailies, too - and I am still doing both, but NaBloPoMo will do good to get rambling. I think I just consider NaBloPoMo to sort of be a warmup!
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I've had an ambien and I am hoping I will be able to go to sleep in a while, and then conceivably get my sleep back on schedule. Cross your fingers.

This may well be a sort of "bits and pieces" entry, since my mind is going off in a bunch of different directions, as usual.

I want to record something actually useful that I heard somebody say on CNN today. It was some expert talking about the evacuations in California because of the wildfires, but it would apply just as well to our kind of evacuations - it was what to grab if you have to evacuate in a hurry. They called it the "six P's" although there were really more than six. Luckily they said it a couple of times so I was able to get it all scribbled down:
-- people and pets
-- pills or prescriptions
-- papers, the important kind
-- plastic, as in credit cards, or money
-- your PC - I don't think they meant the whole thing, really, but your data burned to a disc
-- pictures

Also, I am watching "The Dresden Files" which I sort of like, although I don't quite understand why. It's not great, but it's oddly watchable. (I'm told that everybody does not agree with this opinion.)

Oh, and when I read back over what I wrote in the last entry, it reminded me that my 6-year-old cousin Laci really did not know what to make of the box of ashes yesterday. She has presumably been indoctrinated into some varation on evangelical christianity, and I know at least some of those types think that you have to preserve your body after death, because you'll get your same earthly body back when you go to heaven. (Which personally I think is a really appalling idea. Yuck.) Anyway, from the questions Laci was asking, it sounded like maybe she had been told some version of this story. Her mother had to explain to her that Aunt Billie Dell wasn't in that body anyway, she was in heaven and she had a whole new body which wasn't sick any more. Stephanie (the mom) also said later that she figured that my mom and my grandmother were up in heaven watching us and laughing. All I know is, if they were watching, she would be right. They would totally be laughing. Both my mother and grandmother had a fine sense of the ridiculous.

I don't want to go to work tomorrow. I want a day to recover from the weekend, dammit. But I guess I'd better go to bed, since I'm not getting it.
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Huh. Tonight's episode of Ghost Whisperer has its own Blogspot blog. Written (allegedly) by a zombie. (The zombie is Jamie Bamber of Battlestar Galactica, who was also on Cold Case the other night. He gets around.)

And while I'm here....

Monster from the Enchanted Labyrinth

Get Your Monster Name

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Dervish dance
Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

You know I can only go so long without a GuildWars picture. This is Sharzad the Dervish, doing the whirling thing in her very, very expensive new armor. (I know it looks like a party dress, but it's armor, ok? That's just the Way of Guild Wars.) I gather that [info]columbina  was not terribly impressed by Sharzad's armor, after all the talk about it - it had its own thread on the guild forum, no less - but I love it and I'm the one who has to look at it all the time, so that's what matters, right? I guess it's all that detail on the skirt that appeals to me so much.

We went to see Letters from Iwo Jima yesterday (which was really, really good, by the way), and we missed the first quarter of the Super Bowl because of that. I don't usually get all that excited about football these days, and even the commercials have been pretty lame the last couple of years, but I have to admit that what I saw of it this year was fairly entertaining. The game was close enough to be in doubt until pretty close to the end, and at least some of the commercials were funny - even the Kevin Federline one, much to my surprise. (Some of the other much-ballyhooed ones were pretty lame. Go Daddy - yuck. Career Builder's "office jungle" stuff was off-putting. And the men licking the HHR was just plain weird.) Oh, I also liked "connectile dysfunction" - was that Sprint? - they hit just the right straight-faced tone with it, I thought.

(No mom news to speak of. She's just the same.)


Oct. 6th, 2006 08:41 am
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We watched Lost Wednesday night, even though Rob now says he's tired of it too. (House was on at the same time, but it turned out to be a repeat.) It was... interesting, I have to admit. I think it will get very dull if they go on in this vein for long, though. We also watched The Nine, which came on after that. I liked it, but I'm not sure if I liked it enough that I will stick with it. (I am too much ADD-girl to be very good about sticking with anything that doesn't have "Buffy" in the title.) It seems like it is going to be Lost-like in that it is going to depend very heavily on flashbacks, am I correct about that? Might be interesting or might not. I am undecided.

Oh, also, virtually every single person in the cast of The Nine looked familiar, but, I couldn't put a name to any of them. Even Dr. Phlox - I have no idea what his real name is, which is rather sad since I watched Voyager very regularly.

Last night we watched Survivor, which I am pretty profoundly uninterested in so far, and CSI, which I think has officially jumped the shark with the talking corpses last night. (Actually I think they probably jumped the shark a year and a half ago with the Nick-buried-alive-oh-no!! season-ender. But talking corpses are still awfully shark-jumpy, don't you think?)  We decided the corpses - who only talked to each other, when nobody was looking, not to anybody else -  were really just an excuse to string together a bunch of little stories that weren't enough to carry an episode by themselves.

After that I watched CNN. Anderson Cooper from Africa. Cheery stuff.

"It makes sense, because I have been pretending to be a superhero for a while now." (Scroll down to #5 for that one.)

TV meme

Sep. 22nd, 2006 09:03 am
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Here's the rules:

Bold the shows you've watched at least three complete episodes of.

Italicize a show if you're certain you've seen every episode of it.

Strike through if you've never even heard of it.

Asterisk if you have some particular fondness for it.

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(I wrote this about a week ago and never posted it; now seems as good a time as any.)

Did you know that you can look at a page like a friendslist, but it's actually the friends of your friends? I didn't.

Also, I've gotten interested in visual journals, so I need to remember this link. Partly I got interested in that because of moderngypsy's "Artscouts" (the journal piece of which is here) - but I also think I am going to need inspiration for the Day of the Dead quilt, which I am still blundering around in the dark about, to some extent. I have a vague idea about what I'm going to do but I still need the specifics. And I need to start making notes and collecting motifs, and so forth, and this sounds like a good way to do it.
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Hey, look, Battlestar Galactica has a wiki! I don't know why I should be surprised, actually, since everything seems to have a wiki these days. I, of course, am all about GuildWiki myself right now - except it's not really quite true to say that I check it constantly or anything, because actually what I mostly do while playing Guild Wars is follow Columbine around. (I think I've already stopped thinking of Columbine as Columbine - not the name, I mean, but the physical features. Instead of a really tall guy with curly brown hair, I now think of him as a really tall warrior chick with silver hair. And somehow I bet he doesn't mind that!) Anyway, it's sort of the lazy way to play, all that following. Except that I went to bed with a sore neck last night, so I guess it's not as easy as it sounds. I think that sooner or later I probably ought to make him let me navigate, just the same, even if I get us lost some of the time. (That's not to say I'm not having fun, you understand. We got up to level 10 last night! Yay us!)

I really haven't done much else. I went to the quilt retreat Saturday, and I wrote about it over here, if you're interested in knowing more. I finished my quilt! that was the big news as far as I was concerned. Now I have three weekends to finish the other one. The deadline is because they have to be done by April 27th for the quilt show. (And if you happen to be interested in that, there is information here.) (Although I have trouble accessing that site from work, for some reason. I think that's a problem with the system here, though, not the site.)

And it's baseball season! Woo-hoo!
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I finally got started playing Guild Wars last night, after a horribly tedious couple of downloads that I thought would never end. I was expecting a fairly big update, and I knew it would take a while, since I have dialup, but my god, 4000 files? It was pretty ridiculous. I started installing it when I got home around 6:00, and it was well after 9:00, I think, when I finally got to play. Anyway, hopefully the worst of that is over, and I can actually play now. It was fun, as much of it as I got to experience. [livejournal.com profile] columbina started a warrior character so he could go through the beginner stage (which is called "pre-Searing" - I'm beginning to figure out what the heck that means, now) along with me. That should make it go a lot faster, since he knows what he's doing and I won't have to wander around hunting for things. Not to mention that it will be more fun.

What else? Lost was good last night - of course it was, because I had just told Columbine I had lost interest in it! - and the person who got voted off on Idol was about who I expected. (Although I can't remember if I actually picked her in the pool or not. I will have to check!) There was also a baseball special on, which makes me happy because it means the season's getting close. Very close now, actually - it starts Monday, I think. (There might even be a Sunday night game, I'm not sure about that.)

I am off tomorrow and I am going to my Mom's and do the stuff I normally do on Saturdays, and then on Saturday I am going to the quilt retreat for the day. The spring retreat is nearby, anyway (unlike the fall retreat which is a couple of hours away), and I was feeling extremely broke back in January when it was time to register, and I decided one day was all I could afford to pay for. Plus I have lost my roommate - Mom - since she doesn't care to go, so I sort of thought going for the day might be preferable to sharing a room with somebody I don't know very well, anyway.
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I'm gonna natter about the round of 10, and I'll put it behind a cut to spare those of you who haven't been assimilated yet. (and remember, I was one of the unassimilated until this season, so don't get all superior about that!) (I also promise not to go and post any more spoilers like I did last week without putting it behind a cut. I forgot that people watch on Tivo and things... but there's no spoilers today, anyway.)

Read more... )
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I can't decide whether to be glad Kevin's out, or sorry because I had Bucky in the pool. (Bucky was next to the bottom, though, so I was on the right track.)


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