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My aunt was shocked, SHOCKED, to find out that somebody in her family was pro-choice. Heh. (I refrained from pointing out that since she didn't speak to any of us for nearly 20 years, she doesn't really know me very well.)

She seems truly to think that Obama is insincere. I see plenty of faults in Obama, but I do believe he's sincere in what he's trying to do. (I started to say, "What do y'all think?" but since my friendslist is pretty overwhelmingly liberal I suspect you guys are mostly going to agree with me.) The fact is, I see the world in such a different way from my relatives, maybe the meme below is right.

Not that I didn't know this already )
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We just got back from dinner at Trudy's (North). The sheer volume of orange t-shirts in that place was overwhelming. But the fact that I had a couple of margaritas may have affected my judgment and/or sensitivity to the color orange somewhat.

The Longhorns seem to have won the game this afternoon - against Arkansas, this was, for those who don't automatically know these things. It was 17-3 pretty early on and I lost interest. Incidentally, I believe I checked when I first booked this trip to Austin months and months ago, to verify that it was not in fact a football weekend. Another thing in my life that Ike fucked up. (This was supposed to be the bye weekend, so the game from two weeks ago was pushed back to today.) However, aside from an awful lot of southbound traffic on 183 earlier and the aforementioned preponderance of orange garments, it really didn't cause us a lot of trouble, so oh well.

The quilt show was very nice. I went around with Anjea and her mom, which was sort of a hoot. Her mom is very opinionated, that was the hoot part. (She was, for example, aghast at a quilted grasshopper with only 4 legs. The conversation went something to the effect of: "But it's not accurate!" "It's artistic license, Mom." "I don't care!")** I did take some pictures but I don't know where the card reader I bought in Celina is, so I don't know when you'll see those. The Best of Show quilt, in particular, was really stunning.

Both of our bosses were heard from today, apparently for completely unrelated reasons. Mine wants me to do some stuff involving sending a couple of e-mails. Rob's wants him to come back to work on Tuesday, which was a bit of a surprise. We figured all along he was likely to get called back earlier than I was, but we still didn't expect it to be quite that soon somehow. (Although that will be 2-1/2 weeks since the storm, actually. Time flies.)

Which means I really need to make some hotel reservations for someplace for the next couple of days, in case we have no power at home still (or worse). Typically, I have been avoiding this. I may continue to avoid it until tomorrow morning, or not, I don't know. I know that I don't want to arrive in the Houston area tomorrow afternoon and have to wander around looking for a hotel. I am going on the assumption that hotel rooms are not as hard to find as they were a week or so ago, since a lot of people have gotten their power back and - presumably - gone home.

** I don't get the impression that Anjea will mind this bit of levity at her family's expense. I hope I'm right about that! (She can retaliate with funny stories about me and my sister, if she cares to, having been witness to a bit of my family's craziness as well.)

(Incidentally, the icon has no particular relevance to anything. It just amuses my slightly foggy brain right now.)


Apr. 23rd, 2008 12:42 am
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(Or tired, if you're not a southerner.) However you pronounce it, I'm it. And my left index finger is sore 'cause I kept poking it instead of the fabric. But there are two quilts all ready to go, with labels and hanging sleeves and the whole kit and caboodle. And I'm going to bed now. Tomorrow I deliver quilts and wait around on the heater guy and hopefully get back to work in the afternoon, because I'm supposed to have Thursday afternoon off, too, and if I end up taking the whole day tomorrow it's going to get really hard to leave again on Thursday. (And Thursday night is the preview night for the quilt show, which is liable to be the only time I go.)
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Wow, I had a really insane day. Just one thing after another. But a few things before I forget again:

CBS Sunday Morning did a piece on quilting last week - I meant to try to wake up for it and of course I forgot. Luckily somebody on the quilting group[profile] calicocats   posted the link - go here and then look for "Quilts for Sale" in the Top Videos (right now it looks like it's #2). I know Ricky Tims a bit - I've had dinner with him, back when I was an officer in the quilt guild, and I took that "Caveman Quilting" class of his that they talk about in that piece, too. He's a hoot, that's the best way I've come up with to describe him. Sort of a born showman, that type of person. Which is why he's the big star of the quilting industry - I mean, he's genuinely talented, absolutely, but he's also automatic entertainment rolled into the package.

I gave away the little quilt that I started in that class without getting a good picture of it, which is something I always kick myself about, but this is the bad one:
(Note: I went back and cropped the picture to edit out as much of my mother's loveseat as possible. Gawd, that's a bad background for a picture!)

It was fun to do - and most of that is that hand-dyed fabric of his, too, which costs $25 a yard, no less. No wonder it's a billion-dollar industry.

I've been e-mailing back and forth with my sister all week. I don't know what the status is about doing that gift show in the fall - I suspect she hasn't found time to check into it yet. Her current thing is that she wants to do, I don't know, a catalog or something, and market other people's artwork as well as her own. I don't know about catalogs, but I actually think something along those lines could be her niche - after all, artists don't like selling any more than anybody else does, and possibly less. She was managing retail stores back before she got pregnant (over 17 years ago now!), and the only real jobs she's had since were in the gift-store business, so she does have a good bit of background in that sort of thing. If she'll just sell some of my stuff along with the rest of it, I'll be happy. (Hell, maybe she can sell my quilts for enough money that it'd be worth my while financially to make them! Stranger things have happened.)


Dec. 6th, 2007 10:22 pm
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Originally uploaded by blp1979.

You people - well, some of you, at least! - will be more interested in this than the readers of my quilt blog will, I suspect.

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There's a quilt we've been looking for since Mama died - so what, almost 10 months now? I really didn't think it was there - we pulled out piles and piles of quilts and it wasn't in any of them - but I found it today. My cousin Stephanie is the person who is really sentimental about family things; I think I'm not going to say anything about having found it and I'm just going to wrap it up and give it to her for Christmas. What it is, it's a quilt my mother made out of her father's shirts. We've been calling it the "Papa's Shirts" quilt, because that's what we called my grandfather -  although of course, since Mama made it, it says "Daddy's Shirts" on the label. I hadn't seen it in so long I'd mostly forgotten what it looked like, although I was around when she was making it. It says 1996 on the label, also, so it was before I started quilting, although not by much - otherwise I guess I'd remember more about it. But I still knew it immediately when I saw it. It was in one of those boxes we pulled out of the very back of the downstairs closet last week, which I didn't really look in too thoroughly at the time. I think I saw that it was quilts but the rest of what was in there was pretty uninteresting, and it was underneath. (On top was a really ugly sampler quilt that I also remember her making - I don't know what I'll do with that one.)

There was also that box full of papers we didn't look at last week, which turned out to be fairly interesting. There were a bunch of old deeds in it - to my grandparent's land and the business and stuff like that. Some of it was very old, 1920s, even. I didn't stop to figure out what it all was, exactly, but I kept all of the old stuff. Because I think it's interesting, not because I think it actually has any value. Although there's some mineral-right business which does figure in the will, and the old land deeds could have a bearing on that. (I have got to call and harass the lawyer next week, anyway - I let the estate stuff slide while we were moving, and I need to kick him into gear again. Nothing seems to happen if I don't, and it's time to get all this crap settled.)

I wrote this morning that it was raining and we might not go to Mom's at all, but the rain let up and we went ahead and went. I'm glad, I wanted to get it over with. I really need to get the rest of the stuff out, and I'm going to Austin next weekend and I won't be able to go there. (Remember the trip I put off in early October? This is when I rescheduled it to, a week after Thanksgiving.

It's looking more and more like there's not going to be Holidailies this year - at least, the site hasn't been updated at all, so unless there's a last-minute flurry of activity over there... It makes me glad I went ahead and updated daily for NaBloPoMo. I'm sure I'll taper off some again in December if there's nothing to remind me to write all the time.

I'm sort of half-watching Wings of Desire. It's so low-key it's hard to really give it 100% of my attention, although it's clear it would be rewarding if I would. I knew Peter Falk was in it but it still sort of weirds me out that he's there. I guess he's too American, it seems to me.
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I think you guys need to see the Giant Jesus quilts, now that I have remembered their existence:

The St. Mary Triptych

I heard about them before I saw them, and I didn't expect to like them - not being of much of a religious persuasion - but actually I do like them. (Only one of them is actually Jesus, as you may have noticed.) The reason I heard about them is because somebody was trying to tell me about a pirate quilt, and the directions went, "You turn at the giant Jesus quilts...."  I never did find the pirate quilt, actually. But these were rather hard to miss, once you got to the right vicinity.

(The official name of these is the "St. Mary Triptych" and they were made for a Catholic church in Amarillo.)
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I wrote an entry earlier but it is MIA. And I can't even remember what it's about. So you are probably getting a quick collection of randomness, so I can keep up my daily posting. I don't feel very well, actually - my neck hurts. I'm not sure what caused that. I don't think I can blame it on the mammogram I had this afternoon, although I'd like to. I hate those damn things. And I am filled with fear that they'll see some shadow like they did last year, and I'll have to go through all that crap again. Actually, even if they see something, if they say to me what they said last year - "You can go ahead and have a biopsy or you can wait six months and see" - I would be much more inclined to wait than I was last year. Cause I don't really think I want to go through that weirdness again, all for nothing. But we'll see. Hopefully they won't see anything, and it won't be an issue.

So have you guys heard about Baby Grace where you are? It's a big story here, but I gather that it's made the news all over the place. It's very sad, but I can't help but wonder if she'd get this much media attention if she'd had dark hair instead of blonde. Is that being excessively cynical? It does seem to be a pattern, though, in general. (Nothing against the local police at all - it's definitely an unusual occurrence for us. We get the occasional body of a fisherman washing up, maybe, but not small children in boxes. But then I don't suppose that's really usual anywhere, is it? I gotta admit that.)

There is this muted banging noise that seems to come from the apartment next door all the time, and we can't figure out what it is. It's not really loud enough to be terribly annoying, so we haven't worried about it too much so far. Maybe there's somebody like Rob who likes to sit in a rocking chair, and they've got the chair too close to the wall. I don't know. But right now when it's quiet, it does annoy me. I hate to start hostilities with the neighbors, though. And other than this we haven't had any problems at all, so I'm thinking we're lucky, even with the banging.

As far as the ongoing posting of quilt pictures, I got one category done (Portraits) and I should be able to get another one up before I go to bed (that one will be Mixed Technique).[profile] quiltingpirate, among other people, got her pictures up faster than I did (and she took almost as many, I gather) but hers don't have labels on them yet - and for that matter since she is planning on putting up labels that puts her ahead of a lot of people. I have gotten rather obsessive about having everything labeled properly. I mean, if somebody else was going to post a picture of my quilts, I would want my name on it! A lot of people do put up pictures without knowing whose quilts they are - so I'm not picking on Toni because I gather she does know - and for that matter I am not judging any of the people who do it, really, because it's a lot of trouble to keep track of. I should know. But I personally feel better about posting them if I do them that way. And especially with the large volume of pictures I post, I feel like I should hold myself to a higher standard where I can. (I am now over the 3000 picture mark in Flickr. Not all of them are quilts, of course, but I would think a good half of them are, at least.)

I am tired. I should stop before I make somebody mad at me.
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I really like this one a lot. Apparently this has to do with a Japanese folk story about wisteria turning into butterflies, or hatching butterflies, or something like that. I'm not sure what those hourglass-looking things are supposed to be, though. (Anybody got any ideas?)

Nymph of Wisteria

And I think I linked to the pictures the other day, but I'm linking again, because there are more of them now, and besides, I put a lot of work into taking them, and attempting to match them up with the right names, and all that. I'm not nearly done yet, either.

The cold front finally came through about noon today. It didn't really get cold at all, although you could tell the difference - but I think it will be pretty cool in the morning, by south Texas standards, at least!

I have been working on a Spreadsheet From Hell at work - 60,000 lines or so that have to have things done to them manually. The end of that is finally in sight, though - I've been working on it sporadically for about the last 10 days. Now I just have to find my boss a nonstop flight to Pensacola that doesn't cost $900, which may be a harder job than the spreadsheet.
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Well, I got home about 5:00, I think - I'm kind of confused about this whole time change business. I felt really exhausted when I got home but I'm starting to feel better now. I got to rest while Rob and I took turns talking to Comcast - again - this time his computer decided not to work. There must not be many people with two separate cable modems because the idea seems to confuse the hell out of people, even the Comcast people. (And we are not actually intending to keep it, as soon as we get a router and figure out how to set it up we can get rid of one modem.) Anyway, Comcast eventually sorted it out and all is well again.

I took close to 400 pictures at the quilt show, I think. I bought a new memory card on the way up there, because last year I ran out of space, and I'm sure I would have this time too - somewhere after 300 is where I ran out of room, as I recall. This one cost about what I paid for the last one, a couple of years ago, but it has 4 times as much space (2gb instead of 512k), so unless I go on some particularly picture-intensive trip I am set for life, I think. A few of the pictures are already up on Flickr, but not many yet. More to come, obviously. Oh, I also bought some lithium batteries at Best Buy when I bought the card, and they really worked as advertised - they never did run out, and normally I go through multiple sets of batteries. For the annual visit to the quilt show, at least, I think those batteries may have just become a staple.

I did meet the[profile] calicocatsgroup last night, and I met my aunt for lunch yesterday, but mostly I went around by myself. That really seems to confound some people. A lady tried to sweep me into her group for dinner, apparently thinking I couldn't possibly want to eat dinner by myself, but I was tired and I resisted being swept. I think I was getting a bit cranky by that time so it was probably for the best!
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Spunky Street
Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

From the exhibit "The Collaborative Quilting of Pagosa Springs" at the 2006 Houston International Quilt Festival. (That fancy name means it was made by 5th graders and their teacher.)

This is a great quilt. The houses are so... surreal.

(Oops, I really meant to put this on the other blog, but oh well. I think you guys will appreciate it too.)
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Nobody that's not a quilter (or otherwise an artist/crafter type) seems quite to get the concept of the quilt retreat. Maybe it's because it gets conflated in people's heads with a religious retreat, which it is not. Actually, we hold our retreats in special retreat facilities, and they are in fact religiously-affiliated. (This one, where we have the spring retreat, is Catholic; the other one in the fall seems to be run by Protestants of indeterminate denomination. It may be that they are deliberately vague on that point.) The sum total of the way they impose their religions on us is that they require us to have a morning devotional. Attendance is not required, and since I do good to get up for breakfast, much less earlier, I have never actually heard what they say at these devotionals. That is a level of religion I can deal with.

OK, so what do we do?

Probate court in the morning. Cross your fingers for me.
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Ted's Stars
Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

I don't know if many of the people who read this have been around long enough to remember the days when my mom finished a quilt practically every week. It's been a couple of years now, although in 2005 she still managed to make a good many. Mostly her big productivity years were before the brain tumor announced its presence in the 2nd half of 2004. For the five years or so before that, she spent a really major amound of her time sewing. She gave a lot of them away, and she even sold some (mostly for far less than they were worth), but when we started pulling quilts out of the closet today, we pulled out nearly a dozen bed-size quilts that she had made. Seriously. And that wasn't counting the wallhangings and small quilts. We didn't even get to the closet upstairs where most of the smaller ones are.

The one in the picture took more than a week to make, I think. She called it "Ted's Stars" - I think because she was working on it when her brother Ted died in late 1999. I told my aunt (that is, Ted's widow) that she could have it - it's a good thing I didn't look at it before I told her that because I would've been tempted to keep it. It's prettier than I remembered it was.

As it is I am going to end up keeping more of them than I really have any use for, probably. There are some that I just won't be able to bear to get rid of, I think, and I don't think my sister will take more than a couple, although it's possible that she could fool me. (When I asked her about it she said, "Now I don't like anything that's the least little bit country..." Whatever.)

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Husquavarna exhibit
Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

This is for [info]aet, who requested some pictures from the quilt show with people in them. (She requested that ages ago, too, and I promptly forgot.)

There are a lot of exhibits at the quilt show that don't allow pictures. I suppose that the light from flash pictures is probably not good for quilts in the long term, but really, I suspect that they forbid pictures for entirely different reasons. Very very often, the ones that don't let you take pictures then proceed to try to sell you a book or CD of said pictures. Coincidence? I think not.

Anyway, so I snuck this picture in from a bench across the way. (I wasn't actually IN the exhibit area, so I doubt that they could have stopped me even if they had noticed.) It's blurry, but I am beginning to think I like it that way.

Also - the overhead banner reminds me that I briefly toyed with the idea of naming my journal "Imagine That!" Mostly because it's something I say quite often - usually with more than a tinge of sarcasm. I doubt that the Husquavarna exhibit was trying to be ironic, though.


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I have not been doing so well with the daily updating, although I think I had a pretty good excuse - I was gone and then I've been uploading pictures like crazy. Which I'm still not anywhere near done with - in fact I'm only about a third of the way through. I switched to the bulk uploader on Flickr and that's helped some, although the hardest part is keeping the names matched up with the quilts and getting all that information onto the web along with the pictures.

Well, I told you before the weekend what I was doing, and I did it, so there's not much to say about that. -- Well, of course it wasn't quite that straightforward, but close. The quilt show was great and exhausting, as advertised. The Hilton was a lovely place to collapse - although frankly, the ungodly-expensive room service pizza was not at all worth the price. (Next time I'm calling Pizza Hut.) Also, they have the service I have been saying I wanted for ages - sort of a WebTV deal where you can access the web from the TV even if you don't have a laptop with you - however, it sucked. I did manage to read some of my e-mail and my friendslist - however, even once I managed to get the wireless keyboard working, it crashed completely every time I had the audacity to SEND a message out. Really stupid.

(My cellular contract is about to expire - maybe I need to make sure I can read my e-mail on my next cell phone. That would probably be more efficent.)


Nov. 6th, 2006 03:42 pm
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In'noshima quilt
Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

Pictures from the big quilt show are going up, slowly, for those of you who are interested. This is one of my favorites - it's a very large quilt - I'd estimate 8 feet by 12 feet.

First set of pictures is here - I think I'm dividing them into two sets but I don't have a URL for the other one yet since it hasn't been started!)

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It was actually chilly outside today. It was around 80 a couple of days ago, but it's somewhere in the 50s today, which means I actually wore a coat this morning. In Galveston, this is a big deal, the first coat day of the season. (Some years it comes considerably later than this.)

Galveston is due to be invaded by some 300,000 bikers this weekend - it's something called the Lone Star Rally and it's been going on in Galveston for several years now and seems to be growing exponentially. Coincidentally, I am going to be out of town a good chunk of the weekend, which seems fairly fortunate. I have no problem with bikers but any of those times when there's an extra quarter of a million people on the island tend to get a little crazy.

I am going up to Houston for the International Quilt Festival, which I do every year, but this year for the first time I am spending the night. A couple of years ago they built a Hilton adjoining the convention center, and the temptation to book someplace to be able to go and collapse was just too much.

I know most non-quilters seem to have trouble even imagining what a quilt festival is like, but let me assure you, a lot of you artier types would like it a lot. They have literally thousands of quilts on display - both traditional and art quilts, and even a certain amount of clothing and dolls and so forth. Then there are the vendors, which go on for 20 aisles or so. They sell fabric, yes - but also antique quilts and all sort of sewing stuff and beads and gifts and well, you name it. If they think it will appeal to women - because a good 95% of the attendees are women, I would say - then somebody will be selling it. There are also classes and lectures and things that go on all week, and which usually fill up way, way early. I have never bothered with those.

So it's huge and really tiring, and I have developed this habit of taking hundreds of pictures to post online, so spending the night and going for two days sounded like a good plan. Last year I spent a whole day taking pictures and never even really looked at the vendors at all - I didn't really need to buy anything, god knows, but still I felt like I missed an awful lot. So - two days. Expensive (well, sort-of-expensive) hotel room. Camera and lots and lots of batteries. I'll get to test the limits of my memory card at last - maybe. (I have a really big memory card. That might be another one of those things I couldn't really afford. As is the camera itself, probably!)


We are going to start having the option to do "compressed schedules" at work - things like working 4 10-hour days every other week and having a day off. No way I am doing 10-hour days - it doesn't make any sense for my job really, anyway - but my boss & I discussed a modified one where I would have a half-day off every week, which would be nice. I'm trying to decide if I could manage to get to work at 7:30 - then I could work 9 hours and still get off at 5:30, which wouldn't be bad. (I could also theoretically switch to 30-minute lunches, would be another option.) All that is still up in the air, though. We're not even implementing it till at least after Thanksgiving, it sounds like, anyway.


I mentioned Holidailies yesterday - it makes me a little sad to look at that website. There's nothing sad about Holidailies, you understand, it's my entries there's a problem with. I'm up towards the top of the list of participants because I actually did update every day - but all those entries are gone. They were on Diary-X, and Diary-X blew up, for those of you who don't already know the sad, sad story. There was some sort of incident with a crash and bad backups, and everything that was there is just gone, gone, gone. (I may have drafts of some of those entries. To be quite honest, I haven't really checked. But I know that I would tinker with my entries after I put them up and I never would bother to save them again. So there's definitely no record of exactly what I had up over there. I even tried to look in the Internet Archives - whatever they're called - and nada.) I guess I should have learned from that. Do I have good copies of what I've written on Livejournal? Heck no.[personal profile] columbinahas an echo of his entries on his personal website, and I really should do something like that, but the odds that I will are pretty damn low.



Oct. 3rd, 2006 12:22 pm
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autumn leaf wallhanging
Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

This is made almost entirely out of leftovers from the bigger quilt (with a few leftovers from the zipper quilt thrown in for good measure). The only "new" fabric is the background fabric - of which there are two. I ran out, so I borrowed some from my mother. They alternate between one block and the next, although they're so similar you can't tell it unless you look extremely closely anyway. The borders are also something I made for the first leaf quilt and didn't use. They were much wider, and I cut them in half lengthwise and used them on opposite sides. I'm really happy with it, on the whole.

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Today is the 40th birthday of Star Trek, apparently. I knew it was coming up - it was hard to miss, really, with all the Star Trek special things floating around - but I hadn't taken in what day was the official day. The scary thing is that I may have actually watched the premiere. At least, it was likely to have been on at my house, although I was six at the time and probably wasn't paying too much attention. By the time it went off the air, I was nine and a confirmed fan.

My new style is acting wacky on me - or maybe everybody's friendslists are, except that you'd think if it was that somebody else would've complained by now. Anyway, sometime yesterday, scrollboxes started appearing on each individual entry that was more than a few lines long. If it's supposed to be an "improvement" I don't like it. I looks very cluttered. I guess I could try changing my style again and see if that fixes it. Or I could be lazy and see if it fixes itself - that's more my usual style. Heh.

I am not at the annual quilt retreat this weekend, for the first time in eight years or so. In a way I wish I was there and then again, not so much. It's a big hassle, for one thing - you have to take so much stuff! - and I really wasn't wanting to expend the vacation days or the cash, either one, and then there's the whole Mom Problem. We just couldn't figure out how to make the logistics work out too well for her to go - so it's all for the best, I guess, that I didn't really want to go too bad anyway! My aunt Linda did go, and she was sort of pissed that we weren't going, really, but I know her and I know she will be fine. (She talks to everybody, quite frankly, whether she knows them or not. So while I'm sure she will miss us, it's not like she won't have anybody to talk to.)

Huh. Ellen DeGeneres will be hosting next year's Oscars. I like her, so that's fine with me. I didn't really expect Jon Stewart to be back, somehow. (Also, do they usually announce that this early?)

From J-list's newsletter: Did you know that when two Japanese people say the same thing at the same time, they don't say "Jinx" - they say "Happy ice cream!"?? I have to admit that I did not know that. (J-list's newsletter sort of annoys me, because it's always excessively long - but I stay on the list just to read the little tidbits about Japanese culture that are always at the beginning. I rarely ever get down as far as the part that talks about what they're actually selling.)

Hmm, that's enough odds & ends for the moment.


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