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Weetabix posted an entry a few days ago including a picture taken in a Las Vegas bathroom, and I thought, "Hey! I have a bunch of pictures of bathrooms in Las Vegas!" I know that sounds kind of weird, but at TUSCon in 2004 I got fascinated by the themed bathrooms, and I remember taking pictures in a number of them. Only it was so long ago, apparently - c'mon, 2004! forever ago in internet time! - that I can only find one of them now. This is Paris, which was my favorite one anyway.
Paris bathroom 
I mean, is that not terribly Parisian? (I've never even been to the real Paris, but, well, it seems very French!)

And I honestly can't even remember what the rest of them were now - I'm starting to think I dreamed the whole thing. But I had some computer issues in the intervening years (especially that whole little apartment-flooded-by-a-hurricane thing) and then there was the crash of Diary-X, too, so while I'm pretty sure they did in fact exist, I have no idea what became of them. One must've been the Luxor, because that's where we were staying, and I think maybe one was the Aladdin, which I seem to recall had a doorway shaped like a minaret. But I have no evidence of these things any more, apparently.

So I'll throw some more Vegas pictures at you just for fun. Here are some Vegas-at-Christmas pictures from 2007, that's appropriate for Holidailies!

Many places were quite tasteful, particularly considering it's Vegas we're talking about. This is the Forum Shops:
Forum Shops

Outside at Caesar's:
holiday decor at Caesar's

This was the Tiffany store at the Bellagio:
Tiffany window display at the Bellagio

Venetian exterior (w/holiday decorations)

TI (I titled this one "Christmas at the casino"):
Christmas at the casino 

This one is the Conservatory at the Bellagio, which also had somewhat cracked-out decor when we were there in the summer of 2004. I don't know what's up with that, exactly. (I don't think it seems as overwhelming in the pictures as I remember it being in real life. It was a LOT of decorations stuffed into a very small space.)
Conservatory at the Bellagio

And we'll finish up with this picture, just because it's Vegas and I like it:
Bellagio fountains
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I finished defensive driving at last - I put off working on it too much this week (or just forgot about it half the time, really) and ended up spending most of the day on it today, at least off and on. I figured that I needed to finish before tomorrow, because I only paid for three-day shipping and it takes them a day to get it in the mail. I have to be done by Thanksgiving Day, actually - which means I have to turn it in before then. So I'm figuring it will be here Friday, which gives me a couple of spare days to get it down there to turn everything in. It was very boring, but hey, I made 100 on the test and at least it's over with.

I'm still working on getting pictures online, too - another thing that I'm ready to be done with. I'm getting them up faster than I did last year, I think, though. As I recall it was just about Thanksgiving before I finished last year. Flickr has made the process easier and of course it helps to have broadband, and I've gotten somewhat better at the process of getting the names on them, too.

[personal profile] columbina  and I played GuildWars for a good while this afternoon, for the first time in weeks. We've both been busy, we both have new computers to get set up, all of that. Anyway, it was nice to play together. We played my baby monk (who is not such a baby any more, she is at level 17) and Hecuba, Col's elementalist who is playing in the same area. We did a mission in Kryta and then we took Celia to Elona, where she can get heroes, because the fact is, henchmen really suck. So yay, heroes.

Rob did go out - he went to the bookstore for a while and then went to see that Denzel Washington gangster movie, which he said was good. I wanted to stay home, the movies didn't especially appeal and it's nice to just stay home sometimes. We ate pancakes this morning, and drank coffee and had really, really good sex, which always brightens up the day, doesn't it? And then I alternated between GuildWars and and downloading pictures for pretty much the rest of the day. And now I'm tired and I'm about to go to bed. And I have a whole week of work ahead, darnit. Friday afternoon off, I suppose, but still, a whole week. But there's not much I can do about that.


Nov. 6th, 2006 03:42 pm
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In'noshima quilt
Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

Pictures from the big quilt show are going up, slowly, for those of you who are interested. This is one of my favorites - it's a very large quilt - I'd estimate 8 feet by 12 feet.

First set of pictures is here - I think I'm dividing them into two sets but I don't have a URL for the other one yet since it hasn't been started!)

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Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

Evening primroses on the side of the highway.

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Yum, Girl Scout cookies.

I feel like I had a pretty productive day today. I took my mother to lunch, went and sold raffle tickets for a while (for the quilt guild's "donation" quilt - see here and click where it says "See our Southern Beauty quilt", and if anybody wants a ticket just let me know!!) and THEN I went back to Mom's house and finished the back of my quilt:

Rather blinding, isn't it? Oh, and I also came home and wrote up in great detail just why I did the back like I did, so if you're interested that's over here.

(Also, in case there's anybody who I haven't already forced to look at the front of the thing a dozen times or so, it's here.)

I haven't done a "Mom report" in a while, and the news is actually pretty good: she went to the oncologist this week and got a very encouraging report. The "old" spot on her MRI has not grown, and the "new" spot has actually shrunk. (The old spot is the actual tumor. The other one is the one they did the biopsy on in December and concluded that it was NOT cancer.) He is not putting her back on chemo at all right now. She just has to go back in a couple of months and get checked again. And her physical problems seem to be getting gradually better, too. She is still using a walker, but her speech is better and she is going up and down the stairs by herself now. So, progress.
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Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

Taken in New Orleans after Christmas two years ago.

Merry Christmas, y'all!! Or, y'know, have a happy holiday-of-your-choice. Or just have a happy Sunday!)

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On the way out, Wednesday a.m.
Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

(Rob actually took this picture, hanging out the car window.)
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wedding party - 10

In honor of Father's Day - sort of - here are my parents and grandparents on my parents' wedding day in January 1959. (My dad's father had died several years earlier.) Both of my grandmothers look sort of scary in their own special ways, don't they? And especially, what was Grandma S thinking with that empire-waist dress?

I have nothing snarky to say about my parents here. They look very, very young, though - and they were. Neither one of them had turned 21 yet.

(The grandfather pictured died about 10 years ago, and my mom's mother died about 5 years ago at the ripe old age of 89. The other one is still kicking at 91, despite a very very bad case of Alzheimer's.)

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Detroit airport

I'm putting this picture up here just because I like it. This is the new terminal in Detroit. That jet parked behind the fountain was named "City of Tokyo" - it said so on the side - and I don't know enough about planes to know what kind it was, but it was huge.

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61st Street Pier, 7 am
Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

I took this on the way out of Galveston Saturday morning.


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