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Scott Adams' Super Bowl pick:
Saints are obviously favored by the Almighty Creator of the Universe. Colts are hoofed beasts that poop wherever they're standing. Advantage: Saints. The score will be infinity to 666.
(More celebrity picks here. But most of them are not anywhere near as interesting as that one.)

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i has a crate
Originally uploaded by mantofev.

I am way too amused by this picture of

[ profile] mantofev 's (and the caption!)


(There is a whole series of panda-and-crate pictures, if you click over to flickr.)
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I don't know, somehow I feel the need to have a Biker Barbie:

Harley-Davidson Barbie (no, seriously)

(Officially, it's a Harley-Davidson Barbie. Available for preorder from Entertainment Earth - for $50, natch.)


Dec. 6th, 2007 10:22 pm
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Originally uploaded by blp1979.

You people - well, some of you, at least! - will be more interested in this than the readers of my quilt blog will, I suspect.

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[info]cleolinda always finds the best stuff... want a Cthulhu wreath for your holiday decor?

I'm pretty sure if I put that on my door, it'd get stolen immediately. It's a shame.
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I can't decide if I think this is a good idea or a really, really bad one: Buildings of Disaster. C'mon, don't you want your own little Three Mile Island?
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What the heck is a Gonzaga, anyway?
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"A witch, in the Dark Arts astute
Quickly transforms you into a newt
But soon you get better
And write a stern letter
That threatens her with a lawsuit."
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That is an actual quote from a Time-Life commercial. Swear to god.

That's the funniest thing I've heard in ages. (And god knows I needed a laugh right now. I gotta quit watching so much CNN.)
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(If you're not from Houston and don't know anything about Houston, don't bother. You won't get it.)

You might be from Houston if:

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Hmm, it's times like these when I need some sort of Texas-themed icon.


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