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erythroblastosis fetalis
A grave hemolytic anemia that, in most instances, results from development in the mother of anti-Rh antibody in response to the Rh factor in the (Rh-positive) fetal blood; characterized by many erythroblasts (red-blood precursor cells) in the circulation, and often generalized edema and enlargement of the liver and spleen; sometimes caused by antibodies for antigens other than Rh. Synonyms: congenital anemia, hemolytic disease of the newborn, Rh antigen incompatibility.

I was reading about this the other night after we were discussing Your Medieval Death, and it occurred to me that this might have been my sister's medieval death - not mine - since I am the older child of an Rh-negative mother. In case you've never heard of this, what happens is that an Rh-negative mother develops antibodies to the Rh factor with the first (Rh-positive) child, but the antibodies don't attack that first child, only subsequent ones. Actually, until I read about this in the other class, I had forgotten all about my mother being Rh-negative, but once I remembered that, I also remembered some discussions about this - apparently the drug that you take to prevent it (which I believe is called Rho-GAM or something to that effect) already existed in 1961, so my sister was born without incident. -- Well, without incident regarding Rh-factors anyway. There was the hurricane, but I've talked about that story before.
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Somebody on my Facebook friendslist posted this, and I got interested and wrote a bunch of stuff. (As usual, I'm not tagging anybody but I would be interested to see the answers if you feel like doing it!)

1) When was your wedding day?
May 2nd, 1987

2) What day of the week was it?
Saturday (and like this year, it was Derby Day)

3) Did you get married in a church?
No, we had both the wedding and reception in my parents' back yard. They lived in the country at the time and it was a big back yard - room for tables and a gazebo and all kinds of stuff.

4) How many people in your wedding party?
Three - Rob's dad was the best man and my sister was the maid of honor and my cousin was a bridesmaid.

More wedding stuff here! )

26) How long have you been married?
Twenty-two years. It blows my mind.
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I haven't been specifically doing the "happy things" list the last few days, but I was aware of it, and all my entries have contained something that made me happy. The pictures I've been scanning make me happy. The idea of going to Las Vegas next month (and mostly for free!) makes me happy. That picture of me wearing a crown made me particularly happy - it's funny, I remembered that picture but I had completely forgotten about the crown. (I suspect that it was a Sunday School thing - it might have been regular school, too, but Sunday School was particularly prone to resort to the silly arts and crafts projects.) The thing we did this afternoon made me happy, too - fighting the crowds to go shopping, even though we didn't have anything we particularly had to buy. I don't know why, but it's not Christmas if I don't get shoved around in Macy's (or some department store, it doesn't have to be Macy's) for a bit.

It also feels pretty Christmassy. A white Christmas isn't what I expect, after all - the only one I've ever seen is once when we spent a Christmas in Telluride. And it didn't actually snow that day, even; there was just snow already on the ground. But it's plenty cold here, for my taste. Yesterday it was 80 but today we were wearing our heavy coats. We are suppposed to have a near-freeze tonight.

We were discussing the concept of a "Jewish Christmas" in my comments a couple of days ago, and actually that Christmas in Telluride was the closest I've ever come to one - we had to eat Chinese that day because it was the only restaurant that was open. I don't think we got the movie, though! We were staying in a condo but I guess my mother didn't want to cook. Maybe they didn't realize everything would be closed. (I don't remember what I ate, exactly, but I think it might have been the first time I ever had Chinese food, even though I was already in college at the time. I grew up in Alvin, Texas, remember. We hardly had any restaurants at all, and certainly not Chinese.)

I also remember that my mother had dragged toothbrushes - among other things - all the way from Texas to put in our stockings, and my sister and I were really indignant about it. She had a different idea than we did of what constituted a reasonable stocking-stuffer - I think she was a child of the Depression when it came to things like that. (Although she was too young to remember the Depression; she was born in 1938.) We weren't all that well-off when I was growing up, but we weren't nearly poor enough to think that a new toothbrush was a special treat.

In fact, the kind of affluence that let us spend the holidays skiing in Colorado was a pretty new thing to us, at that time. Both of my parents always worked and that in itself made us better off financially than a lot of people, back in those days when it was still pretty unusual - but it wasn't until my dad quit teaching school and became a commercial fisherman that there was really money for luxuries like ski trips. (I'm not recommending commercial fishing as a secret path to financial freedom, though. I hear it ain't what it used to be. Just ask my dad.)

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We had the alternative station on in the car just now until they started playing too much rap for my taste - I guess I'm too old for rap or something, I've just never gotten too into it - so then we switched to the 80s station and they were playing something other than Journey and Billy Joel for a change - instead they were playing Billy Idol:

I started looking up music videos when I got home and I guess I was getting that video mixed up with this one (it makes much more sense with this song, I have to admit):

And then right before we got out of the car they were playing this:

This one gave me 80s flashbacks even in the 80s - well, that's not right, it made me homesick, that was what it was. The first time I saw it we were in Ann Arbor at some co-op thing and we started screaming (oh hush, I was 22 or so) because it was all filmed in Austin and part of it was filmed in our neighborhood. I know there are a number of Austin people on my friendslist, so they'll know what most of this means, even if nobody else does: at the time, I was living at The Ark Co-op (which I think now is just called Pearl St. Co-op, or something) and we had just bought a dormitory called Taos, at 26th & Guadalupe, and we were renovating it to become a co-op, which it did and has been for, well, an awful long time now! So anyway, that Burger King is the one across the street from Taos - although looking at it now I have no idea how we knew that. But at the time we were sure, and I imagine we were right, since we were spending a lot of time at Taos even before some of us moved there. I don't know if all those other places are still there - The Posse? or for that matter, that Burger King. It was the last time I went by there, though.
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When I was in 5th grade, I joined the choir at school. I didn't want to - I wanted to be in the band. My mother made me do it. She said I'd like it. And at my school, for some reason band didn't start until 6th grade, but choir started in 5th. I had already started taking piano lessons a year or so before, so it wasn't much of a stretch to think I'd like it. And I suppose I had sung in the kids' choir at church, too, although I barely remember it. Just do it for a year, my mother said.

I never did join the band.


So, Austin

Dec. 3rd, 2007 12:01 am
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I went to Austin saying that the main thing I wanted to do - besides see my sister, of course - was shop, but we didn't actually end up getting any shopping done to speak of. Saturday we started out to shop, and I'm still not exactly sure where the whole day went, but the only place we actually went shopping was Waterloo Records. We did go see my nephew (and his dad), which is always nice. He is almost 17, which seems unbelievable. Pretty nice kid, though, on the whole.

I didn't realize that it'd so long since I'd been in Waterloo - when we walked in I realized that the last time I was there, most of the records were still on vinyl. I do think I'd been in the "new" location once, maybe, but most of the time I was in Austin, they were over on the other side of Town Lake, further down Lamar. Or maybe I hadn't been in that store at all - when did they move, anyway? I know they were there by the time I started coming to Austin more often, the last five years or so, at least. Before that I came so seldom for a long time that I'm not sure of anything.

We ate lunch at Hut's - which hadn't changed a bit in 20 years - and dinner at El Arroyo, as I said before. That was a new place to me, but it was really good, and it was nice to get to talk to [ profile] anjea, when my sister let us get a word in edgewise. Luckily (well, sort of) she went for a couple of long smoke breaks. (I've been trying hard not to say anything about her smoking. I don't think it'd do any good.)

I told Anjea that the worlds were colliding because she met my sister, who of course calls me by my real name, while just about everybody I know online (except possibly [ profile] karen_d) calls me Mel, even if they know perfectly well what my real name is. I never quite know what to tell people when that happens. When I meet the "online people" in person, they always say, "Well, which one do you want to be called?" and then I get all indecisive. I guess really, I'd just as soon be Mel. As I've said many times, I don't like my real name very much anyway. If we move to Austin when we retire - as we've been saying for a couple of years we're going to, and retirement for us is not all that far away  - I may be tempted to just change my name. Not legally, because legally my name is already a mess - but I might just start calling myself Mel in general. I dunno, we'll see, we still have a good while to go, and I may feel differently about it by then. But it seems like that would be the best time to ever do it, if I decide I really want to.

My sister is trying to become an artist - by which I mean, one who actually makes money at it. She's always had a flair for design, and an original style, and she has developed a technique which does seem to be something a bit different, so it does seem like there are possibilities in this. I've only seen a couple of the pieces she's made to sell, but I really like some of them quite a lot. She's supposed to send me pictures and if she does I'll put some of them up. She has a website up already but she keeps saying it's not finished so I guess I shouldn't link to it yet.

I don't have to go in to work til after lunch tomorrow - if I wake up in time, I may go see if they can color my hair in the morning. I've never been in there in the morning, but surely they open by 10 or so, I would think. That ought to be enough time. I have big old gray roots that are driving me crazy - and it's only been two months since I got it done, I don't know why they look so bad already!

Holidailies 2007 
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We loved going to my grandparents' house when we were kids. It was probably our very favorite thing to do in the whole world. We always went once a month or so, and there were just so many fun things to do there, we thought. My grandparents' house was old and rambling - to the point of being eccentric, really - and my grandfather would take us riding around in the cow pasture (more fun than it sounds, at least I thought so when I was little) and my grandmother would bake and let us eat the batter, and there were barn cats and so usually kittens, and it was better than an amusement park, all the way around.

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Iko, Maya & KarenD
Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

Can't sleep, so bear with me if this is sort of rambly.

I have been sort of obsessive about my friendslist lately ("why do I only have 61 mutual friends today when I had 62 yesterday??") so when I stumbled upon this picture way down in my flickr sets, I was happy to notice that all three of these lovely women are on my mutual friends list, over 3 years later. This is from JournalCon Austin in 2003. Part of the beauty of online friendships is their portability. Shawn (aka Maya) has moved all the way across the country since then, but we've all managed to keep up with her just the same. Karen & I have met in person a number of times since, most memorably the two times we spent weekends assembling quilts. (Once was at my mother's house, for that matter, making her the only one of my online friends to have met my mother.) (We need to do that quilting weekend thing again sometime!)

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Somebody on Holidailies has a blog called "Julie Do Ya Love Me?" - which unfortunately is a song I know very well (or did once anyway), and so it keeps getting stuck in my head every time I see that. Bobby Sherman, is that who sang that song? I bet a lot of the younger ones around here (meaning, well, everybody under 40 or so) have never even heard of him. Well, you didn't miss much there. Same era as the Partridge Family and the Osmond Brothers, that's probably enough to tell you a lot.
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Diplomat Motel
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Shelly Sikes disappeared twenty years ago today, after finishing up a shift at Gaido's Restaurant in Galveston. The next week, I started working at Gaido's. I met my husband there. Oh my god, I can't believe it's been twenty years.


Feb. 25th, 2006 11:16 pm
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Somebody in my apartment complex has a bumper sticker that says "An Aggie's Girl" - which just makes me want to barf. (The same person also has a license plate with her first name on it; I think between those two things, I know all I need to know about her.) You used to see those "Aggie Mom" and "Aggie Dad" stickers a lot, but they're not as popular as they used to be. Of course, I suppose they're a concept that's at least a couple of decades old, because they started turning up when I was in college. (At one point after my sister started at A&M, my dad had "An Aggie's Dad" on his pickup and my mom had "I'm a Longhorn Mom" on her car. I know that's fairly barf-worthy, too, but we thought it was funny at the time, mostly because of the UT/A&M rivalry aspects of the thing.)

That reminds me that I added my high school to my user info page earlier this week, and for some reason the dates on that really make me blanch. (Pause while everybody runs to look.) I've had the college dates up there for a couple of months and it never bothered me a bit, but somehow the high school ones - jesus, the mid-seventies ?? That was an eternity ago.

Sign in the restaurant where we had dinner: "We believe you only get what you pay for, but at Kelley's you get more than you pay for." Does that make any sense at all?

We had planned to stay on the island - and on this end of the island, to boot - all day today, but there weren't any movies showing that we wanted to see, and it rained all afternoon so we decided it was probably safe to go to the mainland. Good Night and Good Luck was the movie we actually wanted to see, and it's apparently not showing anywhere on this side of Houston any more. We toyed with the idea of going to see Match Point instead but couldn't really work up any enthusiasm for it, either one of us. So we just went to Kelley's to eat - I had a truly enormous breakfast, even though it was the middle of the afternoon - and went to the big HEB in Dickinson to buy groceries. I like to go there once in a while because they carry a lot of things the other stores don't, especially Wal-Mart. (Yes, we buy most of our groceries at Wal-Mart. Yes, I know it's of the devil and all that, but it's cheaper. Not to mention being right across the street. If HEB would get off their collective asses and put a decent store in here, I would switch like a shot.)

Anyway, we were right about it being safe to go off the island. The issue was that the Momus parade was supposed to be tonight, and the traffic is normally horrendous. But it was nothing. It stopped raining, finally, so I'm assuming the parade went off as scheduled, but I don't think there was much of anybody there. Not many people are going to drive down from Houston to see a Mardi Gras parade when it's cold and raining.


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