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I'm still stewing about holiday decorations, to a remarkable degree - especially when it's still not even Thanksgiving. I bought another string of solar lights at Sam's today, quite expensive ones, because the ones that I got before hadn't ever been working, even though I"ve had them out on the balcony soaking up daylight all week. Then I went out on the balcony after dark tonight and figured out why they weren't working. The little solar panels have a sensor on them so they know when it's light and when it's dark, and the lights only come on after dark. Only there's a big floodlight right outside our balcony - it's around the corner where it doesn't shine in our window much, which is why I hadn't paid much attention to it - and it was shining right on the solar panels. The minute I moved the solar panels where that light wasn't blazing right onto them, the lights came on. So now I have to decide whether to take the Sam's ones back. The Sam's ones are big sort of old-fashioned looking (LED) lights, where the other ones (which came from Target) are little tiny things. And the big ones are pretty cute, so now I'm waffling about this again. I may experiment around with them next week and see which I like best in the field, as it were.

Let's see, what else? I also bought I am Legend at Sam's - it was under $10 and Rob liked it pretty well, so I figured that'd make a pretty good gift. Oh, and I bought  a Christmas cactus. They had really pretty ones and I have a weakness for plants, anyway. I did bring two plants home from work that belonged to me - in a way I was being petty, I was like, they can decorate the outer office for themselves, dammit. But I figure a bit of pettiness is allowed. And I like those plants, although whether they'll survive the winter on the balcony is rather iffy. I am spoiled by Galveston weather and never bring my plants in. (And the weather 20 miles inland is different enough that it may make a difference - the few degrees between a hard freeze and no hard freeze, at least.)

I am feeling much better today, and I did do a few useful things, in between the trip to Sam's and watching Shakespeare in Love (which I bought on iTunes for, I think, $4.99, if that interests anybody) and playing WoW. I tried to make a doctor's appointment, even, although whoever was watching the phones at the clinics today couldn't make appointments, which makes me worry that all the real employees were off somewhere finding out who was getting laid off. Still one more day of layoffs to go, too, on Monday. They sure are ruining a lot of people's Thanksgivings.
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I got laid off. So did my boss, and about half of the rest of my department.

I'm okay, just very tired. I will have more to say later, probably!
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I know some people have seen this article already - and the thing is, I don't disagree with a lot of what she says. But I went to Galveston right after I read it yesterday, and I thought, "Hell, this place isn't dead." It's going to be a different city for a while, and it may end up a smaller city, but it ain't gone just yet.

I drove down Broadway, and there's still a ton of trash piled up out there, but apparently that's because Broadway is technically a state highway and the city isn't allowed to pick up trash there. (It's been in the paper, lately, which is why I know the answer to this. The state said they were held up by having to award contracts for the trash pickup and it will be done "soon".) But things are clean behind the trash piles, for the most part, and the stoplights are all back on and the businesses are starting to reopen in force. In general I was pleasantly surprised.

I went to Galveston because I had a check to put in the bank (a very belated estate check) and then my boss kinda did one of those, "Well, while you're going..." things, and I ended up going by the office. Which ended up being rather heartening, too, really. The rumor lately has been that our building wasn't going to be ready to move back into until January, and I'm sure there's some reason for that that I didn't see - but honestly, our office looked fine. The elevators were working (the front ones, anyway - I didn't try the ones in the back of the building and I suspect they are not functional) and the a/c was on and the toilets were working, although the bathroom lights were off, for some reason. And most of the plants were alive, rather amazingly, after all this time. I think a couple of my co-workers have been up there at various times and have watered them.

Well, anyway, I want to be able to enjoy working at home for a bit, before we have to go back, so I'm not trying to rock the boat. And like I said, I'm sure that for some reason the building is not approved to be open. But from the looks of things it's perfectly okay, at least in our area.


Oct. 28th, 2008 01:10 pm
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We get to work from home! Yay!
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I have a new car! Woot! I actually don't go get the money from State Farm until tomorrow but I spent more than we're going to get, anyway - I decided that even with Carmax, who is supposed to be on guard for these things (such as water damage, I mean), I don't feel comfortable buying a used car right now. So I have a brand new green 2009 Corolla with ABS brakes and side airbags and all other kinds of bells and whistles. And a gray interior, yay! (I am just not a fan of beige.) Tight credit, smight credit - the dealer and the credit union were falling all over themselves to give us low interest rates. However, we took the somewhat-higher rate the credit union gave us - still awfully low - and a $500 rebate from Toyota instead.

Pictures of the car to come. Instead, here is a picture of my current workplace:

Temporary digs
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OK so. Where to start. I am writing this on the new laptop, which is a, um, shiny new Dell of some sort... apparently it's an Inspiron 1420. I'm sure that means something to somebody. It has a 14" screen, I believe, and a dual processor and 3gb of memory and a 250gb hard drive, as I recall. Which actually means it should theoretically be faster than my desktop. I really know next to nothing about laptops, as far as security and so forth. I am on the hotel's network and it said it was unsecured and then it asked me for a password, so I am all confused about that. Is it secure? Not? (I suspect it's iffy so I am being a bit cautious about logging onto things.) Everybody is welcome to chime in on what I need to fix.

We were late leaving Bryan yesterday, and we spent most of the day getting out of Texas. You either have to go to Dallas, which is out of the way, or cut across country, and after some waffling about it we chose the latter. It turned out to be fairly fast, though. We may just have gotten lucky there. We hit I-45 and Highway 59 at various times, both of which go to Houston, and we saw whole convoys of electric trucks along with the stream of people returning home. When we stopped for lunch you could tell that nearly everybody was an evacuee, most of them going the opposite direction from us.

We spent the night last night at Arkadelphia... oh, that reminds me. I haven't read friendslists or anything yet, and I'm sure this is not news, but gas has seemingly been going up up up since we have been on the road. We paid maybe $3.59 or so in Bryan last Friday. Yesterday on the way out it didn't seem that much higher. Rob swears that when we first pulled into Arkadelphia last night they all said $3.80-something and by the time we came back out to go to dinner they had all changed their prices to $3.99. And outside of Nashville this afternoon we paid $4.09 and we saw higher prices than that some places. (We still figure it's going to be cheaper than paying last-minute prices on the airfare, though.)

Anyway, we stayed at the Hampton Inn at Arkadelphia, and we are also at the Hampton here. The one at Arkadelphia was much newer and nicer, although this one is ok. They both seem to have identical breakfast buffets, from what we could tell coming in. It was pretty decent, we thought.

Sorry this is a bit disjointed. I feel disjointed. Aside from just being tired from the travel, I woke up in the middle of the night last night worrying about whether we were going to have to clean mud or whatever out of the apartment and how bad it would be and how long it would take... and I finally got up and took another half an Ambien to shut my brain down. I am trying not to think too much about that, and succeeding, for the most part. There's no use in worrying about it - bear in mind that we don't even know that there was any water actually in the apartment at all. And there's still no phone service to Galveston so we can't ask.

My boss said that the big boss said that it would be at least a month before they called us back, they thought. (There was 4 feet of water in the bottom of our building at work, for one thing.). Rob finally talked to his boss today and he didn't seem to be saying that they would be going back any earlier than anybody else, which was what we were worried about. I was intending to go to Austin next weekend to the quilt show there, and if nothing happens to bring us home earlier than that we will probably just head back and keep those hotel reservations. We are not inclined to think we will want to stay in Ohio any longer than maybe the beginning of next week, anyway. (For one thing, the bed in Rob's parents' house hurts my back.)

This thing is not bad to type on. But I am not too crazy about the touchpad - I guess I'll get used to it - and it bugs me not having a number-pad because I use mine an awful lot. I am going to get a lot better about navigating with the keyboard, I suspect.
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Speaking of Las Vegas (well, we haven't spoken of it lately but it's still my default icon!), I think I have created a monster. Rob said yesterday that he wants to go back to Las Vegas - luckily he wasn't specific as to when - and furthermore, that we have to stay at TI again so that he can play his favorite set of slot machines, which are, as it happens, right by the elevators at TI. (I have this theory that they put slot machines which pay off slightly better in prominent places so you'll get hooked. No idea if that's really true.) Oh well, could be worse. I like Las Vegas anyway, and it's not like he's given to gambling indiscriminately. We'd probably better not wait 5 years or anything to go back, though, or his favorite slot machines might have been replaced, and then where will we be?

The University is restructuring again. At least it's not layoffs this time. (There are rumors of a possible hiring freeze, actually, but nothing official on that front yet.) Our division (Finance) is getting moved yet again - the last time around, they split us up into Hospital Finance, Academic Finance, and so forth, but now we are all getting rolled back into one big division again. We suspect that our division head is sort of getting left out in the cold in the process, although theoretically he got new employees out of the deal. But he would be the logical person for that third EVP position, and his name is pointedly not mentioned even though he does seem to be performing those duties on an interim basis. (It's not in this article, either.)

Also discussed in the Town Meeting was new dormitories, which affects my husband since the old ones are where he works. (The presentation from the meeting, which I think you should be able to access, has a drawing of the new building on page 5.) We don't know what sort of job changes will shake out of this, but our theory is that we have at least a couple of years to let it sort itself out, since it's highly unlikely that the building will actually be finished by December 2009, as it says there, considering that UTMB never does anything very fast and work hasn't even started on it yet. (It took them three years to build a two-story parking garage, after all. And you'd think that would be a much simpler thing than a regular building.)

I'm wearing my pink plaid shoes again, which I love unabashedly. I do seem to sort of have a thing for pink, don't I? (There are also these beads, which came in my Fire Mountain order yesterday, and which will probably be a bracelet - and possibly matching earrings - before the weekend is over, if not today.) (The pink shoes don't seem to be available on Target's website, but Target is where they came from - they're Keds knock-offs, branded Merona. Keds usually calls this type of shoe "skimmers" - sort of ballet-flat shaped, but with a white tennis-shoe type bottom. Just in case you're interested!)
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I really like this one a lot. Apparently this has to do with a Japanese folk story about wisteria turning into butterflies, or hatching butterflies, or something like that. I'm not sure what those hourglass-looking things are supposed to be, though. (Anybody got any ideas?)

Nymph of Wisteria

And I think I linked to the pictures the other day, but I'm linking again, because there are more of them now, and besides, I put a lot of work into taking them, and attempting to match them up with the right names, and all that. I'm not nearly done yet, either.

The cold front finally came through about noon today. It didn't really get cold at all, although you could tell the difference - but I think it will be pretty cool in the morning, by south Texas standards, at least!

I have been working on a Spreadsheet From Hell at work - 60,000 lines or so that have to have things done to them manually. The end of that is finally in sight, though - I've been working on it sporadically for about the last 10 days. Now I just have to find my boss a nonstop flight to Pensacola that doesn't cost $900, which may be a harder job than the spreadsheet.
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Inaya with horns
Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

One more GuildWars picture, because I spent half my day collecting these: the hats for the end of the Wintersday celebrations. I particularly like the reindeer horns. There was also a jester hat, your normal santa hat, and a "Freezie Crown" - which was a whole snowman head, complete with top hat. (I got up at 8:00 this morning to get that one, and I can't say I was thrilled with it. I should've bothered to research hats first!)

The other things we did was go see "Happy Feet" - which was cute. It had sort of a ham-handed environmental message, but it wouldn't be so obvious to kids, who are after all its intended audience. I expected something more... cartoonish, I guess. The penguins were very realistic, for the most part. You know, except for the dancing.

Turns out we don't have to go to work tomorrow - national day of mourning and all that. I don't remember getting that when Reagan died, but maybe we did and I've just forgotten. My boss said we could go in or not, but when I talked to her again she said nobody else was coming to speak of, so I said I might just go in for a while and read my e-mail and stuff. I live closer to work that most of my co-workers do. (And if I work, I get to take that much time off later!)

I made black-eyed peas after we got home, so we damn well better have good luck this year. I think we deserve it.

Holidailies gold


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It was actually chilly outside today. It was around 80 a couple of days ago, but it's somewhere in the 50s today, which means I actually wore a coat this morning. In Galveston, this is a big deal, the first coat day of the season. (Some years it comes considerably later than this.)

Galveston is due to be invaded by some 300,000 bikers this weekend - it's something called the Lone Star Rally and it's been going on in Galveston for several years now and seems to be growing exponentially. Coincidentally, I am going to be out of town a good chunk of the weekend, which seems fairly fortunate. I have no problem with bikers but any of those times when there's an extra quarter of a million people on the island tend to get a little crazy.

I am going up to Houston for the International Quilt Festival, which I do every year, but this year for the first time I am spending the night. A couple of years ago they built a Hilton adjoining the convention center, and the temptation to book someplace to be able to go and collapse was just too much.

I know most non-quilters seem to have trouble even imagining what a quilt festival is like, but let me assure you, a lot of you artier types would like it a lot. They have literally thousands of quilts on display - both traditional and art quilts, and even a certain amount of clothing and dolls and so forth. Then there are the vendors, which go on for 20 aisles or so. They sell fabric, yes - but also antique quilts and all sort of sewing stuff and beads and gifts and well, you name it. If they think it will appeal to women - because a good 95% of the attendees are women, I would say - then somebody will be selling it. There are also classes and lectures and things that go on all week, and which usually fill up way, way early. I have never bothered with those.

So it's huge and really tiring, and I have developed this habit of taking hundreds of pictures to post online, so spending the night and going for two days sounded like a good plan. Last year I spent a whole day taking pictures and never even really looked at the vendors at all - I didn't really need to buy anything, god knows, but still I felt like I missed an awful lot. So - two days. Expensive (well, sort-of-expensive) hotel room. Camera and lots and lots of batteries. I'll get to test the limits of my memory card at last - maybe. (I have a really big memory card. That might be another one of those things I couldn't really afford. As is the camera itself, probably!)


We are going to start having the option to do "compressed schedules" at work - things like working 4 10-hour days every other week and having a day off. No way I am doing 10-hour days - it doesn't make any sense for my job really, anyway - but my boss & I discussed a modified one where I would have a half-day off every week, which would be nice. I'm trying to decide if I could manage to get to work at 7:30 - then I could work 9 hours and still get off at 5:30, which wouldn't be bad. (I could also theoretically switch to 30-minute lunches, would be another option.) All that is still up in the air, though. We're not even implementing it till at least after Thanksgiving, it sounds like, anyway.


I mentioned Holidailies yesterday - it makes me a little sad to look at that website. There's nothing sad about Holidailies, you understand, it's my entries there's a problem with. I'm up towards the top of the list of participants because I actually did update every day - but all those entries are gone. They were on Diary-X, and Diary-X blew up, for those of you who don't already know the sad, sad story. There was some sort of incident with a crash and bad backups, and everything that was there is just gone, gone, gone. (I may have drafts of some of those entries. To be quite honest, I haven't really checked. But I know that I would tinker with my entries after I put them up and I never would bother to save them again. So there's definitely no record of exactly what I had up over there. I even tried to look in the Internet Archives - whatever they're called - and nada.) I guess I should have learned from that. Do I have good copies of what I've written on Livejournal? Heck no.[personal profile] columbinahas an echo of his entries on his personal website, and I really should do something like that, but the odds that I will are pretty damn low.

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I've been meaning to write an entry but at the moment I can't think what it was I was going to write about. I'm sure it will come back to me. At the moment all I can think about is that I feel kind of crappy. At least they have finally stopped doing whatever work they were doing down the hall that was making a sound like a very large and very annoyed bee. It went on about half an hour and it definitely contributed to the current headache. However, there has been consumption of Aleve and Allegra-D in the interim and hopefully they will kick in soon. So enough about that.

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Every morning on the way in to work - detouring around the latest construction - I see a sign that says "Doors are alarmed." It's in big letters on the door to some sort of mechanical room, I think. Isn't there a better way to phrase that? Preferably one that doesn't make me imagine cartoon doors with alarmed expressions on their faces? It made me giggle for a couple of weeks, but now it just annoys me. (I keep telling y'all I'm grumpy in the morning.)

Yesterday I woke up at 6am and never did go back to sleep. This morning I woke up at 5:30 and went, "Oh, not again." But thank god, this time I did go back to sleep after a few minutes. That should alleviate the grumpiness a little bit, at least.
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(Except for the last paragraph, which strays from the GW theme a little bit!)

I was thinking I need to put up some more Guild Wars screenshots, because they amuse me. I think I got one last night that has both our lovely characters in it, while we were paused for something or other. Seriously, one thing about these kind of games, the female characters, at least, are not hard on the eyes. (Some of the male ones, too - I think the male Rangers are particularly hot. They have sort of an Aragorn vibe going.) My character's "armor" these days includes really skin-tight lavender-colored pants and a low-cut top, and Col's warrior girl Io has what appears to be a fur-trimmed bustier, to go with her Xena-style short skirt and boots. Also, I have just joined the Older Gamers' guild, and tonight they are doing a "group picture" - which should be interesting.

So we made sure I did more of the navigating around in the game last night, and it worked out very well. Col was also apparently worried that he was doing too much of the attacking, but that hadn't been bothering me. I do think maybe I have been too shy, or something, about starting fights - I think I worry that I will draw more enemies down on our heads than I need to. But most of the time it's fine, even if you do. (If you die in this game, your teammates can revive you anyway, or if everybody dies, you get automatically revived. You lose some energy for a while, is the worst that happens. I think the only time both of us died was the first time we fought Charr - which are big sort of walking-tiger warriors - back in the pre-Searing stage of the game.)

I do have a thing or two going on in my life that doesn't involve Guild Wars or quilts, believe it or not. But most of it is stuff I don't particularly want to talk about, like work and money. (Rob's pickup is dying a slow and painful death, for one thing, and it's still a couple of months before we were ready to buy another car!) At work, we have had Personnel Drama, which I don't really think I ought to say too much about here, and we have been very busy lining up a bunch of data for some consultants that are coming in. That has finally slowed down, though, at least for me. But yay, it's Friday! Tonight, more Guild Wars (of course) and tomorrow, quilting!
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Holidailies is all done now, so I can go back to posting over here. (Well, technically, it's not done 'til midnight tonight, but I've done my part - I've posted my entry for today and I've done the amount of reading I'm supposed to do. I might go back and read a few more entries tonight if it looks like there's some that needs doing...)

I just got the funniest IM from [ profile] columbina while I was off wandering around that ends with:

[15:10] have a lovely weekend.
[15:10] i recommend
[15:10] BEER

(I assume he won't mind me posting that!)

I was off in somebody else's office doing some housecleaning, to be specific. This person has been here for many years, and sort of suddenly got better things to do and left. (There's a long story there but I won't go into it.) Anyway, she left a HUGE mess behind - years and years of documents and files and notebooks and other odd junk. (Also, some personal things such as a PalmPilot and a scale, of all things, but she did send somebody to pick that stuff up.) So I get the fun task of figuring out how much of this is definitely trash, and how much definitely needs to be kept, and what's left over that somebody else needs to take a look at. Part of this job is actually fun, btw, I'm not entirely being sarcastic there. There are some odd things, and some really old things (meaning mid-1990s, which is ancient as far as financial information is concerned, especially), buried in all the crap. It's like a treasure hunt!

Plus, having to climb around and clear off her shelves meant I got to wear jeans today. Always a bonus.
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Luckily, it is slow at work today, because I am getting a new computer this afternoon. I am fairly excited about this, because the one I'm typing on right now kind of sucks. It's been getting crankier and crankier for the last couple of months, but I knew the new one was coming reasonably soon, so as long as it kept going enough to get my work done, I decided it wasn't worth trying to fix it. I have spent the last couple of days cleaning out "My Documents" and things like that - all my work files are on the network, anyway, so it's just the junk that's there in the first place. But the junk tends to pile up after a couple of years. (I have been at my job for TEN YEARS, have I pointed that out? I'm getting a pin or something next month for having lasted it out. But anyway, luckily the computer is not quite that old.)

(They would do all the saving of My Documents and so forth for me if I let them, but I go all control-freak sometimes about things like this - I would rather be sure I know where my stuff is. Besides, the changeover will go faster if I do all that ahead of time.)

(Family stuff, etc., under the cut)

Read more... )

(Has LJ been down or something? Or maybe it's just my computer being screwy again, because when I look at my friends page it says there aren't any entries since yesterday. Somehow I think that's highly unlikely.)
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It was so gorgeous outside today. Of course, that's a mixed blessing this time of year, since the Seawall was packed with tourists and it took me a lot longer to get home than it would otherwise, but it was so beautiful I can't say I really cared. I always wonder about the people who come to Galveston to go swimming this time of year, though, because the water is not warm. In fact, it's about 60, which I know from past experience feels awfully fucking cold. But that doesn't stop them, because it's spring and they want to swim, dammit. (What I never understand is why nobody wants to swim in the fall, when it's uniformly gorgeous and hot and the water is warm too, and there's no tourists anywhere. It's something of a mystery to me.)

I might have been so happy to be out with the warm weather and the tourists because I was happy to be away from work. We got busy this afternoon and I got really stressed. I don't even really know why, because it was busy but it wasn't that awful. I think I'm spoiled; I'm just not used to having to work under time pressure these days.

One nice thing - I get to sleep an extra hour or so in the morning, because Rob is going to the oral surgeon to have a couple of teeth out and I have to take him since he's having general anesthesia. (The teeth both have old root canals that are messed up because our old dentist was a quack, and our "new" - non-quack - dentist said since they're way in the back it was probably better just to pull them.) It's only supposed to take about half an hour, and I'm supposed to go to work after I bring him home; I hope he seems okay or I'm going to be afraid to leave him alone.
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(Written this afternoon, although you can probably figure that out.)

The network is down so I am taking my frustrations out on Notepad. Most of my work - at least the part of it that requires any brains at all - involves working on files stored on the campus servers, so when the network goes down, I'm screwed. As much as I hate freaking Microsoft Outlook, I can't function very well without it. I am doing a distribution right now, which is one of the more brainless things, but even for that, I need the network to print labels. I have a printed copy of the distribution list, as it happens, though, so I'm just writing the labels by hand for this one, since it's not a really big distribution anyway. But it's still kind of a pain.

Everybody's computers went down early this morning, and since then, it's been kind of hit or miss - some people were able to get into the network and some weren't. I never have, since 8:30 this morning or so. About 30 minutes ago, they finally took the entire network down and it was supposed to be down for 15 minutes. Naturally, it's not back yet. Oh, plus? I've been scheduling all these meetings - it's pretty much all I've done for the last 10 days or so - and all the ones today had to be cancelled because they need to print out these reports for the meetings, and they can't do it without, guess what, network access. I am one frustrated puppy.

It's not helping that I didn't sleep well last night, either. I'm almost always tired on Mondays but it's worse than usual today. I didn't go to sleep until about 1am, and I woke up about 4 or 4:30 and never did go back to sleep. So we're talking about trying to function on three hours of sleep or so. (Actually, I'm doing pretty well, considering. That's not a lot of sleep.) Today is quilt guild day and I'm supposed to leave early and drive up to the mainland to have dinner before the meeting, but I don't think I'm going to go. I'm going to go ahead and leave early, I think, and go up to Foley's at Mall of the Mainland - which is nearer than the other mall where we were on Saturday - and return those shoes and then come back home. Mom was already not planning on going to quilt guild anyway, because she doesn't have to go to radiation today but she does have all three therapy appointments (that would be PT, OT and speech) and she thought she'd be too tired. (Hey, how come MDAnderson gets a holiday and we don't? That sucks.) (See, that's what they get for trying to make us work on President's Day, the computers are down and nobody's going to get a damn thing done anyway.)
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Yesterday it was beautiful - sunny and warm - and Rob and I drove down the Seawall to eat barbeque for lunch, and on the way back I passed a middle-aged guy in a hardhat in the parking lot, and he said to me, "Enjoy the sun, it won't last long." And I laughed and said I was sure he was right. And boy, was he. This morning it was gloomy and rainy, and the front blew in later in the morning and by lunchtime today it was cold.

I have my car back, and I am very broke. But at least it runs fine. (I even turned on the air conditioning for a minute, to see if it really worked. Boy, am I gonna be happy to have that in a couple of months. Today, not so much.)

I missed a retirement party this afternoon because I had to go up to Houston to get the car. I think the retiree forgave me when I called her and told her I was making her a quilt, though. (See the quilt blog if you want to hear more about it. There's even designs!)


Dec. 6th, 2004 10:46 pm
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It was really hard to go back to work last week. Why is it that after a whole week off you still want another one? I have another one in three weeks but that seems far, far away even though I know damn well it will be here before we know it.

Plus, what with my mother and everything, the last month or six weeks just feels like lost time. She is much better, though. I am going to go with her to her appointment at M.D. Anderson on Thursday. We are thinking that she will end up having radiation, whether the tumor is malignant or not - it needs to be shrunk or presumably the seizures will continue. ("And," I said yesterday, "you'd never be able to drive again." That made her laugh. She hates not being able to drive.) I don't think I ever got around to saying that the neurologist finaly told her that even if the tumor did turn out to be malignant, the prognosis is still very good. That was nice to hear.

We went to the department Christmas party Friday night but it was boring and we left really early. The last two years they've put the dance floor up on the 3rd floor and nobody has danced. There's a play-money casino but that doesn't interest me much, so the only part that's left is eating and talking to people. We did that for an hour and a half and then we bailed. I did get to wear my turquoise shirt and matching earrings that I bought for Vegas, at least. (The long dangly earrings are my favorite part of that outfit!)

Yesterday I went over to Mom's as usual. I took her to Quakertown Quilts to get her angel. First we went to Perry's to get lunch, though; they have the best hamburgers. I tend to forget about going there, we really should do it more often. I hadn't been to Quakertown in ages and I bought more fabric than I intended - although I can't really use Quakertown in particular as an excuse since I bought a whole yard of Amy Butler paisleys (in two colors) and they have those everywhere.

I never did do any sewing - I cut more strips instead. Not that I was actually running out of strips, I was just running out of different ones. I didn't want to repeat too much. And I sorted all my strips into cool and warm. (Is that obsessive?)

I was thinking about going to Half-Price Books but it was raining when I left and so I drove on back to Galveston. In Galveston it wasn't raining, though, so I decided to go to Target. And then when I got there I decided to go to Pier 1, too. It's right next to Target and I'd only been in there once since it opened last summer. I'm not that crazy about their stuff, normally, but I know they always have cute ornaments. I ended up buying a ton of stuff at Pier 1 and more stuff at Target. Several small gifts - for my co-workers and Rob's too, a pretty trivet for my mom, and a green ceramic candlestick that I think my sister will like. I haven't stopped to figure out what other gifts I need; I'm going to have to do that soon.
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KoL is in nightly rollover so I thought I'd write for a few minutes. Yes, I DID get some sleep last night. I went to bed at 10:45 (after rollover, not completely coincidentally) and slept until 7 - so something approaching 8 hours of sleep! Yay me! I woke up several times but always went right back to sleep. What a relief.

I still feel like I didn't get as much done as I would have liked at work today. But apparently nobody else felt like working today, including the boss, so actually I was probably the productivity queen for the day, since I did get some work done, and nobody else seemed to do much at all.

I also burned CDs. I had this bright idea of doing an exchange of holiday mix CDs, which went over very well and we have 19 people participating. Unfortunately I failed to consider that mailing out CDs by the first of December meant I was going to have to listen to Christmas music in November in order to make the damn CDs. I hate listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. It's one of my unwritten rules. I think I ranted about this some during Holidailies last year - there just isn't enough Christmas music to listen to for very long. So if you confine it to a relatively short period of time you get much less sick of it.

I still have not started packing. That just seems to be meant to do tomorrow. Oh well. When I think about it too much I always overpack anyway. I also need to look and figure out what time we need to leave Sunday, because I don't really remember. I think maybe we're going to have to leave around 6 to be at the airport around 8. We don't get to Columbus until 4pm, and then we have to drive to Bowling Green to see some Suspects. Then back down the freeway to Rob's parents' house. Rob gets that part of the drive, because he's the one that was determined to get to his parents' house on Sunday. I said we should just spend the night in BG, but no. Anyway, it's going to be an awfully freaking long day, but we'll manage. We can rest up on Monday.

I said something about my mom's diagnosis in chat today, and they took it as a terrible horrible thing, which really wasn't how I meant it. I see it as a good thing - or at least, not as bad as it could be. We already pretty much knew it was a tumor by now, so "probably not malignant" is sort of a best-case scenario at this point. Well, of course "definitely not malignant" would be better, but still, not so bad. I should have my mom around and in decent shape for some time to come, and that's what I had been most worried about.


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