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Rob's birthday is tomorrow, so we went out for a celebratory seafood dinner. (I had chicken, actually, but Rob had shrimp.) Rob got a new DVD player - it's to go with the 2nd TV in the bedroom - and several DVDs that he picked out. Also we spent the night at the Hilton in Houston for the race last weekend and we traditionally consider that part of his birthday present, because it's always right around the time of his birthday and it makes race day much more convenient for him.

When we bought the DVD player at Sam's yesterday I also bought a huge bag of mixed caladiums - 50 or 60 bulbs, I think. I got out on the back porch and stuck about half of them into various pots out there. They may not all come up but it doesn't really matter. I've had good luck with caladiums in the past, so hopefully a lot of them will come up, at least, and I will have plenty of color out there all summer. I have more pots on the front porch so I will probably plant a bunch more out there.

[ profile] columbina may kill me - I finished another GuildWars campaign tonight. Nightfall, this time. I wouldn't have thought of trying it except that he and I were experimenting around with Gate of Madness earlier today. We didn't get close to finishing, so tonight when somebody in the guild started looking for people to do GoM with them, I went. I figured that even if this group didn't finish, it would be good to see how people handled the part that Col and I wiped on. And I did see that - and we finished the mission and then some of us went on and did the final mission too, Abaddon's Gate. As is the pattern with the other ones I've finished, the last mission was pretty easy. It's always the 2nd-to-last mission that's a booger - then the final mission is pretty much you battle the Big Bad and you're done. I was kind of laughing because Abaddon is this gigantic thing (although you only see his head and hands) and I was thinking that this has been my weekend for gigantic monsters. First there was Cloverfield, and then the Torchwood episode that was on last night involved another gigantic incarnation of Abaddon, coincidentally, stomping all over London - or Cardiff? I dunno - like Godzilla. They're everywhere!

(Col, I will tell you more about GoM later. I suspect that it is doable with heroes & henches, except that I'm not so sure about how to handle Shiro, in that case.)

This is pretty accurate, I think.
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Hey, I'm a published photographer... sorta. asked if they could use one of my pictures in the latest update of their guide to New Orleans, so I said, sure, why not? You don't get money but you do get credit! Although I didn't use my real name, I used Mel. I figured to the extent I have a "reputation" as a photographer it's for all those pictures on flickr as "mellicious" - not for my real name. Anyway: go to this page and hover over the listing for Hotel Monteleone - a little slideshow comes up on the right, and my picture is in there. It's not exactly big fame, is it?

I seem to have picked up my quilting again, in a small way. About time, isn't it? I went to Office Depot tonight and bought a somewhat expensive lamp for the sewing room - it was too dark in there - so I guess I'm serious. (There's more about that over here, if you're interested.)

I need to put up some GuildWars screenshots, I haven't done any in ages. I have a baby paragon named Delilah who I've been bringing up in Nightfall - it was a good mindless thing to do while I was sick - and nobody has ever even seen the poor child, not even[personal profile] columbina, and she turned level 20 tonight so she's not a baby any more! (I also have - this will make Col laugh - another necro in pre-searing. I like to play low-level characters when I'm tired, it's soothing!)

And I am tried tired now, I'm going to bed!
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[ profile] aet was talking about families in the kitchen, and as it happens, I have a few pictures taken in my grandmother's kitchen - although like both Aet and [ profile] columbina, we always went elsewhere for "formal" pictures. But my family is generally a pretty informal bunch, and we never particularly minded having pictures taken in the kitchen, any more than anywhere else.

Cut for big pictures, plus shopping, GuildWars, and matters optical )

I have had sort of an inspiration about what to do about Holidailies; I was worried I would burn out on writing daily before the end of December. (Although I won't really be able to write daily the whole month anyway - I'm not intending to try to track down a computer while we're on vacation!) I'm still not swearing I'll actually post every single day, even before the vacation - but I thought of a category of entries I can write that I've never done before, and hopefully that will keep me interested enough to keep posting. It's something that I've been thinking about writing lately anyway - and no, I'm not going to tell you what it is!

Pizza Hut ad I saw today:

(That means a whole, whole lot!)

It just makes you despair.
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I don't have much to say because I didn't really do much today. I played GuildWars with [personal profile] columbina and folded fabric. (You can see pictures of some of the fabric on flickr.) It really is an obscene amount of fabric. I am going to have to try to figure out how many yards it is, when I get done. Although I probably don't want to know.

I called this entry "Gray Friday" because there was no shopping going on here and it was a gray, gloomy, chilly day. It's been chilly since Wednesday but today I finally turned the heater on for the first time and the smoke alarm promptly went off. (It stopped after a few beeps, though, which is good because it's on the ceiling and I certainly can't turn it off easily.) Did you see the pictures of all the fools fighting to get in the shopping malls? Honestly, it's just nuts. Rob did actually go in Wal-Mart to pick up a couple of things late tonight, and he said it was pretty empty. I said, well, that sorta made sense because the crazy people came early and the sane people wouldn't go near the place today.
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I finished defensive driving at last - I put off working on it too much this week (or just forgot about it half the time, really) and ended up spending most of the day on it today, at least off and on. I figured that I needed to finish before tomorrow, because I only paid for three-day shipping and it takes them a day to get it in the mail. I have to be done by Thanksgiving Day, actually - which means I have to turn it in before then. So I'm figuring it will be here Friday, which gives me a couple of spare days to get it down there to turn everything in. It was very boring, but hey, I made 100 on the test and at least it's over with.

I'm still working on getting pictures online, too - another thing that I'm ready to be done with. I'm getting them up faster than I did last year, I think, though. As I recall it was just about Thanksgiving before I finished last year. Flickr has made the process easier and of course it helps to have broadband, and I've gotten somewhat better at the process of getting the names on them, too.

[personal profile] columbina  and I played GuildWars for a good while this afternoon, for the first time in weeks. We've both been busy, we both have new computers to get set up, all of that. Anyway, it was nice to play together. We played my baby monk (who is not such a baby any more, she is at level 17) and Hecuba, Col's elementalist who is playing in the same area. We did a mission in Kryta and then we took Celia to Elona, where she can get heroes, because the fact is, henchmen really suck. So yay, heroes.

Rob did go out - he went to the bookstore for a while and then went to see that Denzel Washington gangster movie, which he said was good. I wanted to stay home, the movies didn't especially appeal and it's nice to just stay home sometimes. We ate pancakes this morning, and drank coffee and had really, really good sex, which always brightens up the day, doesn't it? And then I alternated between GuildWars and and downloading pictures for pretty much the rest of the day. And now I'm tired and I'm about to go to bed. And I have a whole week of work ahead, darnit. Friday afternoon off, I suppose, but still, a whole week. But there's not much I can do about that.
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Dervish dance
Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

You know I can only go so long without a GuildWars picture. This is Sharzad the Dervish, doing the whirling thing in her very, very expensive new armor. (I know it looks like a party dress, but it's armor, ok? That's just the Way of Guild Wars.) I gather that [info]columbina  was not terribly impressed by Sharzad's armor, after all the talk about it - it had its own thread on the guild forum, no less - but I love it and I'm the one who has to look at it all the time, so that's what matters, right? I guess it's all that detail on the skirt that appeals to me so much.

We went to see Letters from Iwo Jima yesterday (which was really, really good, by the way), and we missed the first quarter of the Super Bowl because of that. I don't usually get all that excited about football these days, and even the commercials have been pretty lame the last couple of years, but I have to admit that what I saw of it this year was fairly entertaining. The game was close enough to be in doubt until pretty close to the end, and at least some of the commercials were funny - even the Kevin Federline one, much to my surprise. (Some of the other much-ballyhooed ones were pretty lame. Go Daddy - yuck. Career Builder's "office jungle" stuff was off-putting. And the men licking the HHR was just plain weird.) Oh, I also liked "connectile dysfunction" - was that Sprint? - they hit just the right straight-faced tone with it, I thought.

(No mom news to speak of. She's just the same.)

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Inaya with horns
Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

One more GuildWars picture, because I spent half my day collecting these: the hats for the end of the Wintersday celebrations. I particularly like the reindeer horns. There was also a jester hat, your normal santa hat, and a "Freezie Crown" - which was a whole snowman head, complete with top hat. (I got up at 8:00 this morning to get that one, and I can't say I was thrilled with it. I should've bothered to research hats first!)

The other things we did was go see "Happy Feet" - which was cute. It had sort of a ham-handed environmental message, but it wouldn't be so obvious to kids, who are after all its intended audience. I expected something more... cartoonish, I guess. The penguins were very realistic, for the most part. You know, except for the dancing.

Turns out we don't have to go to work tomorrow - national day of mourning and all that. I don't remember getting that when Reagan died, but maybe we did and I've just forgotten. My boss said we could go in or not, but when I talked to her again she said nobody else was coming to speak of, so I said I might just go in for a while and read my e-mail and stuff. I live closer to work that most of my co-workers do. (And if I work, I get to take that much time off later!)

I made black-eyed peas after we got home, so we damn well better have good luck this year. I think we deserve it.

Holidailies gold


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Not-so-tiny reindeer
Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

The picture is another one of the GuildWars Wintersday quests. You go around rescuing reindeer - there are 9 of them, all identical. Then there's another quest later where you find out that one of the reindeer is named Rudi and his nose mysteriously glows when he gets near presents. (You have to give them extra credit for the realistic-looking reindeer, don't you think?)

I am home for New Year's Eve, and that's where I'm staying. I don't enjoy going out and braving the drunks. I am drinking a coke-with-a-splash-of-vodka, and when I finish this I will probably go back to farming for candy canes in GW, and that will about be it for my big celebration. (I will probably watch Anderson Cooper later. Woo.)

I went over to my mom's earlier - to her house, actually, for the first time in over a month. Art brought her home for the afternoon, and we decided that we will start doing that once a week for now. She didn't seem all that excited to be home, to tell you the truth, but at least it was something different.

We ate pizza and watched football while we were there. The Texans won, giving them six whole wins for the year. Last year they had two, so that was a big improvement. The Longhorns ended up winning yesterday, too, so it was a fairly good football weekend, although the fact is that I forgot to turn the Longhorn game back on after we got home, so I completely missed the big comeback.

I don't do resolutions, incidentally, because I never ever keep them when I make them, so you are spared having to read that. I have no particular desire to go over the year in any detail, either. It wasn't that great of a year. So let's just hope 2007 is better for everybody!

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Mila & Allium (and Irma)
Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

I was thinking about what picture would symbolize 2006 for me, and well, the fact is, it's got to be GuildWars, because I spent an awful damn lot of time playing it this year. This picture is another one of the Wintersday quests. (Big version here.) That's Mila, my ranger, standing there with the bow as big as she is, and that's her pet flamingo in the foreground. (The flamingo is named Irma, and she's not just a flamingo, she's a combat flamingo, because that's what pets in GuildWars do. When you attack somebody, she goes squawking in, wings flapping and pecking away. Seriously, she does. She can do a fair bit of damage, too.) The big guy with the 'fro is Koss, who is one of the Nightfall "heroes" - a non-player character. And standing next to the giant stocking, looking very white indeed, is Columbine's necromancer Allium. There are characters called Margonites in the new game which are sort of shimmery and whitish (and transparent, actually) and we have been saying that Allium looks an awful lot like a Margonite in that armor.

I will have to look up how much time, exactly, I've spent playing this damn game, and report back. It's a lot. Well over a thousand hours, I think. But GuildWars - and [info]columbina - were two of the things that got me through what was otherwise a pretty difficult year. So I spent 20% or so of the year in a fantasyland - so what. It's a lot better than just spending the year watching my mother go downhill.

Um, ok. On to cheerier things. Sort of. I went to see my dad today, which I don't always think of as cheery because he tends to sort of drive me crazy. But it went ok. It was raining when we left Galveston, and I was worried that we would be driving all across Houston in the rain, but it stopped, and the traffic was light, and we got there pretty quick. (Under an hour and a half, anyway!) We went out to lunch and the first two places we tried were closed, which was kind of odd. We ended up eating in a BBQ place on the freeway. I didn't like what I had (beef links - they used a very odd recipe, I thought) but everybody else's food looked fine, so I think I just chose badly. Daddy behaved himself, apart from a totally incomprehensible rant about that had something to do with Mexican flags, just before lunch. (Supposedly somebody somewhere took the American flag down from a flagpole, and put up the Mexican one. Anybody heard of this? Because I sure hadn't.) I try to just ignore these things, because it doesn't do any good to argue with him, anyway. And that was the only major weirdness of the day, so I could deal. He has gotten where he just gets us gift cards, which is fine. I got one to Wal-mart, this time which isn't exactly what I would have chosen but I'm sure I can find some use or other for it. And I had told him to get Rob an Academy one, and he did, so Rob is already planning another shoe purchase. (Running apparently makes you obsessed with shoes.)

We got caught behind a wreck on the way home - it seemed to be a chain reaction wreck, from what we saw - 3 SUVs, which means that probably nobody was seriously hurt. I mean, we didn't see the wreck, we just saw the mess afterwards, after wondering what we were caught behind for half an hour or so. After we got home I made some nachos and then (surprise!) played GuildWars until 11:30 or so. We have gotten to the Desolation, which means we got to ride sandworms just like in Dune. Or sort of like Dune, anyway. (Also, GW seems to have changed the spelling from worms to "wurms" at some point since I started playing. I was wondering if Frank Herbert's estate threatened to sue them or something.)


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Dec. 28th, 2006 11:53 pm
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Elves in close-up
Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

I always wonder a little about all the people who complain about how hard it is to write holidailies entries every day - often they don't seem to be complaining about making the time (which is usually my problem) but about coming up with topics. And that has just never been my problem. Most of the time, I start typing, and something will come out. It may not be great writing - hell, it may barely even have a topic at all, but it's there. (Now on the other hand if you tell me that it's something I'm going to really be judged on - and Holidailies readers don't count, to me - then I might freeze up, but just you guys? No problem.)

(Holidailies readers only pick out the "exceptional" entries, you see. I'm not really especially worried about writing exceptional entries, in general, so the fact that I'm just one of the pack is not particularly an insult, in my mind. As long as you're not telling me how much my entry sucks, I'm ok with that.) (And for that matter, since I'm a reader I don't think I'm eligible to be picked for Best of Holidailies anyway, even if I was to accidentally write something exceptional.)

However, I have to admit that the slog of "you must write every day" is wearing on me a tiny bit. And of course, I don't really have to, but I feel like I have to, so it's the same thing, isn't it? (Why do I feel like I have to for Holidailies when I didn't for NaBloPoMo? I have no idea.) I would really rather be playing GuildWars right now, but no, here I am. And as you can see from the picture, we have been having some fun in GuildWars. Even [info]columbina was persuaded to imbibe of the elf potion.

(See? Entry. Pretty much a meta-entry about writing entries - and a screenshot for a bonus - but oh well.) 

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Mmm, fudge

Dec. 23rd, 2006 01:45 am
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It is late and I am tired, and I am thinking about making fudge. Am I crazy? Well, maybe so, but I may do it anyway.

I'm not really sure why, but Armed and Famous sounds like the funniest thing ever. I can't help it. Celebrities with guns! Honestly, how can you beat that? (Maybe that is more proof that I'm really tired, but no, I've been thinking that for days, ever since I found out they were actual cops, all legal and everything. It just sounds like comedy gold, that's all I can say.)

There is fudge. Usually, every time I cook, I end up thinking about the reasons why I don't cook more; one of the major ones is that it's a serious minepit for somebody with attention-deficit disorder. There's a million ways to screw things up - not only burning the food and the obvious things like that, but also the truly dangerous stuff - burning me, or somebody else, waving a knife the wrong way at the wrong time. (I have come close to doing that one before.) Anyway, the good thing about this fudge recipe is that you don't step away from it for even ten seconds while it's cooking, so there's no danger of even somebody as spacy as me forgetting about it. It seems to be fine, and I will probably make another batch tomorrow. But not tonight.

(This was the fudge recipe I wrote about the other day - it's also here. I did double the pecans, more or less - I put half of a one-pound bag of pecan pieces in there. This is going to be some seriously nutty fudge.)

I didn't really do much today. I played GuildWars a lot - the Wintersday celebration is in full swing so that gave everybody new things to do - and I wrapped presents, and we went to the grocery store. Then I played GuildWars some more, and goofed around... and then I made fudge at 1 in the morning. That's about it.

Rima in Lion's Arch
A screenshot from GW: my elementalist Rima in Lion's Arch.

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Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

(Explanation of the picture is at the bottom.)

I went home sick today. I think this time it's my boss' fault; she had a cold and now most everybody in our office seems to have come down with it. I'm just hoping I won't be as sick as I was at Thanksgiving. I worked until about 12:45 and got most of the stuff I needed to do, done, so I don't have to worry about it Monday; then I left.

I drove home in fog like pea soup. No burning off in the middle of the day today. It was bad at 1:00 and it was worse at 5:00, when I came back to get Rob. They said on the news that visibility in Galveston was 8/10 of a mile but that's bullshit. Maybe away from the beach it was, but on the Seawall it was not much at all over a quarter of a mile. (Not unless they measure these things in a way that has nothing at all to do with how far you can actually, see, anyway.)

(I have to talk about GuildWars here & there, you know?)

I deleted my mesmer that I made in the original game, because I wasn't playing her at ALL since nightfall started, and I started a new mesmer in Nightfall. This is the new one, in the picture. I really do like playing a mesmer, but - I don't know why really, I just wasn't thrilled with my Prophecies one. We'll see if I keep playing this one.

(Notice the Egyptian influence in that picture, by the way - the giant "queen" statues, I mean. There are a number of those around in the game.)

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I have been playing GuildWars, so I guess I'm writing about GuildWars too, at least a little bit. It's what's on my mind at the moment. [personal profile] columbina was gone most of the weekend, and was feeling sickly a good bit of last week, so it seemed like we were playing together for the first time in a while. My paragon, Inaya, had moved ahead while Col was away, sort of by accident - I was only intending to explore, really, but there is a series of titles (called Lightbringer) that you get by battling elementals, and there were a lot of elementals in the area where I was exploring, so I moved up from just plain Lightbringer to Adept Lightbringer while I was doing that. And then I wandered into an area that happened to contain the primary quest which moves you along in the story, so I "accidentally" got to the next mission while I was at it. However, it turned out today that that mission (the Grand Court of something-or-other) was the one that Imri (Col's paragon) had been stuck at for some time, and so the two paragons tried it together and got through it without too much trouble. We probably won't keep playing them together regularly, though, because paragons are support characters, really, and two of them in a party of eight is one too many.

What else happened today? Oh, for anybody who's reading this but hasn't been reading my in-between posts, I got a call today about the results of my biopsy, and it was good. "Everything was benign," was what I was told. The other notable thing today was that I traipsed down to the Cingular store at lunch and got a new phone, since my contract is expiring - or maybe has already expired, I forget. I thought about forking out the hundred bucks to get a Razr (they had pink ones, but not the red one which would have been more tempting - hey, it's for charity!) but I really didn't care that much about it beyond the cool factor. I liked my Nokia that I already had, so I finally just got another, newer Nokia. All the accessories I already have will fit, and it was free with a new contract. Since I didn't blow the money on the Razr, I splurged a bit and upgraded my contract to include text messaging/IM/internet, which I was paying extra for when I used before. (And they said text messages were going up to 15 cents each, too, so at least I don't have to worry about that.) Now I just have to figure out how to work the new one. It's a lot like the old one, but not quite. I might actually have to get out the manual to figure out the differences. (Horrors!)

Also I made another cough-drop run through Wal-Mart after work, and was interested to see that they had generic Mucinex. Only other allergy sufferers will understand the significance of that, I think. ([profile] ms_hooligan, for one, is very fond of her Mucinex, I seem to recall.) Actually, I was worried that I couldn't get through the evening without cough drops, but I've only had a couple all night. The cough does seem to have subsided a bit. I could have saved a good bit of money by not going, because Wal-Mart is a more dangerous place when I go there without Rob. I stop and look at things I don't usually look at, like Christmas socks and computer accessories. I managed to spend $50, one way and another.

(Is the red text blinding? I kind of like it.)

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Tombs of the Primeval Kings
Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

Now that I've gotten all the introductory bits out of the way and I'm not quite as worried about my mother as I have been, I guess I can now go back to writing "normal" entries and go on about GuildWars and other mundane things. I haven't talked about GuildWars in a while, have I?

Well, maybe I should go a little introductory for this, too. The thing is, I am not a person who has always played games like this - I was never a D&D player or a World of Warcraft player or any of those things. I guess I sort of snuck in the side door, from Kingdom of Loathing, which uses a lot of bits and pieces from MMORPGs but is web-based. I was tempted to try WoW when [info]columbina was playing it, but I had an several-year-old computer at the time and I was pretty sure that wouldn’t work. Then Col switched to GuildWars and I got a new computer, and the temptation got a lot greater. It took me a few months, but when GW had the preview weekend for the new game (at the time) - Factions - I tried it out. We thought I would probably have to get a new video card, but it worked fine without it, and I was hooked. I bought the original game, Prophecies, and started playing the next week. That was at the end of March, so I’ve been playing for over eight months now. I bought Factions in July, I think, and then when Nightfall was announced, I pre-ordered it immediately. Col and I play together if we’re both on, usually, and if he’s not I play by myself or sometimes with guild-mates. Hi, my name is Mel, I am an addict.


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This has not been a good day. First of all, our Thanksgiving has fallen apart, which is minor at this point, really. My aunt called and upset me - why, exactly, is too complicated to go into. Basically, she just has a talent for it. Then Art called and said that he had talked to my aunt too, and told me the stuff about Thanksgiving, and he was pissed off at her too, it turned out, for basically the same reason - which is good because it means I'm not being completely unreasonable. (I didn't really think I was being unreasonable about her pissing me off, though - what was unreasonable was how mad I was about it.)

Then, on top of that, tonight GuildWars decided to die. It's not really GuildWars' fault, exactly, but why why why now? It didn't really die completely, and I knew it was coming, but still. I've been playing for six months - or closer to eight, now, really - with a substandard card and not quite enough memory, so why does it have to choose now to finally crap out? (It's Nightfall's fault, as near as we can figure out. Nightfall seems to be a big memory suck.) I had already requested fixes for both of these things - i.e., more memory and a new video card - as Christmas presents, but it looks like they're going to have to be fixed sooner than that, if I want to be able to keep playing Nightfall. And GuildWars is a big chunk of what's been keeping me marginally sane lately. It seems to be the only thing that distracts me sufficiently to take my mind off my mother for a while.

I guess I should go ahead & say that we are probably putting my mother in a nursing home this week - or very soon, anyway. Art can't cope any more - I don't think any one person can. The only good thing - in a way - is that she's so out of it now that I don't think she really knows what's happening - or only in flashes. She has gone downhill so rapidly in the last few weeks that it's really unbelievable.

(Sorry if this is sort of incoherent. I'm not in a really coherent state of mind right now!)


Oct. 24th, 2006 03:35 pm
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I am home sick. I had a random stomach ailment which kept me up a good portion of the night, and I slept all morning and still feel wiped out. I keep going to lay down for a while but I don't seem able to sleep any more, and not much interested in reading, either. So, I try to sleep a while, try to read a while, play Guild Wars for a while (I have a ranger in pre-searing who I'm probably going to delete when I get tired of that), read LJ for a while, etc.

Random stuff from my unplanned day off:

Existential flame war (aka [info]efw) is mostly a very inactive community, but it's frequently very funny when it gets going, and this is hilarious. Something about it seems to have really inspired the commenters to new heights of silliness.

I bought the Winona Ryder version of Little Women at Wal-Mart yesterday for the princely sum of $5.50. There was a whole big display hidden back between the electronics and automotive sections - I need to remember to go check it out again, because there were some other pretty good movies in there. I hadn't watched that movie in a long time, but I've always liked it, and really, I hadn't seen Winona Ryder in anything at all in so long that I'd forgotten how much I liked her. I know she's been around some recently; I wonder if she's going to be allowed to come out of the purgatory she went into after all of that shoplifting to-do. Really, it's about time, isn't it? I mean, yeah, she did something illegal and grossly stupid, but she's hardly the first star to do that. I'm not at all clear on why her career has suffered so much more than, say, Robert Downey's. I'm wondering if it's an image thing - that is, because she's young and female she's not given as much leeway.

Does it seem to anybody else that the Christmas advertising is starting way too early? I probably say this every year, but for goodness sake, it's not even Halloween! I am just not ready for Christmas mode quite yet.
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I've been meaning to write an entry but at the moment I can't think what it was I was going to write about. I'm sure it will come back to me. At the moment all I can think about is that I feel kind of crappy. At least they have finally stopped doing whatever work they were doing down the hall that was making a sound like a very large and very annoyed bee. It went on about half an hour and it definitely contributed to the current headache. However, there has been consumption of Aleve and Allegra-D in the interim and hopefully they will kick in soon. So enough about that.

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On Wednesday, I will be getting high-speed internet at home. Woo-hoo! Of course that did not help me today, when there was a HUGE game update and it took me THREE HOURS - yes you heard that right - to download the whole thing. In all fairness, though, it was a monster. I'm amazed that you could even do it in three hours when I remember how long it used to take me to download anything at all a few years ago. (Remember the Napster craze? Practically everybody was still on dialup back then, and boy was it a pain to download a 4mb song. Took forever and often didn't even finish. The good ol' days.


Jul. 12th, 2006 10:16 am
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Minghong & John try out their masks
Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

Here's is Columbine's ritualist, Minghong (which means "red" thus she always wears red), and my assassin, John, with their dragon masks, which were given out at the Dragon Festival last week. The masks aren't really good for anything - they're just sort of a collectible item - but they are sort of cool, aren't they? And as you saw if you looked at the picture I posted yesterday, they can be dyed various colors. Gia's is dyed red; so far my others are still the color they came in. The price of dye soared last week after they were given out, but it's gotten back down pretty close to normal this week so maybe I will try dying another one soon. Three of my characters have them - I decided it was more trouble than it was worth to get the other three to Shing Jea Island, where the masks were being given out.

One of my co-workers is leaving for a job in Houston, so we are going to have a going-away lunch today. Those are usually fun.

In other news, I am taking my mother to Bryan again this weekend for a baby shower. I'm sure the shower will be sort of fun, but I'm not really looking forward to the trip. It seems like we just went.

(I tried to post that meme that everybody's been doing, but it was being screwy and I didn't have the patience to try to figure out why. Maybe I will try again later.)


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