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(Middle of the night, last night) I need to go to bed, because I have to get up relatively early, but I can't quite make myself go to bed. We are having lunch with my dad tomorrow - I haven't seen him in nearly a year, I think. I talk to him on the phone occasionally but that's about it. So I'm simultaneously sort of looking forward to and dreading this lunch, all at once.

(Later) I got to bed and got a reasonable amount of sleep but I feel sort of crappy, still. But then I have felt sort of crappy for days on end. I think I have sort of a low-level sinus infection going, or something like that. I've had earaches and sore throats sort of sporadically - they come and they go. I've been through most of a monster Sam's-Club size bag of cough drops already. But I think it's gradually getting better.

It's almost noon and I'm waiting for Rob to get back from the gym so we can leave. It's raining outside, again - it's been raining or raining with sleet and snow mixed in (that was in Bryan on Christmas Eve) or something of the sort off and on for days. (The kids were excited about the snow even if it WAS mixed with rain - it was funny.)

(Even later) I did feel better this afternoon, and to balance out the karma, or something, my voice disappeared. Well, not completely, but everything came out as a croak all day. Still, it's better than feeling bad.

The afternoon didn't go too badly. We had Chinese food and watched a movie, which is much preferable to attempting to have a conversation with my dad. (The problem there being that my dad doesn't really have conversations, at least not for more than a couple of minutes at a time. After that, he gets excited about some subject or other and he stops hearing you, and just orates. It never fails.) The movie was 8 Below, which is about sled dogs; it's a Disney movie, but not one of those ones where the dogs talk. I had actually heard halfway decent things about it, so I was happy to watch it. (Spoilery thoughts about the movie below.) I don't know if Rob really wanted to stay and see a movie, but considering, as I said, that we hadn't seen my dad and his wife in a year, I felt obliged to stay a while. So we watched the movie and played with their dog - who, probably not coincidentally, is a husky - and whiled away the afternoon. It was well after dark before we left.

I didn't have a very good present for my stepmother, and I felt bad because she made us a really nice afghan in very pretty colors that I really like. (And it's not too heavy, which is the problem I have with many afghans.) I'm gonna have to attempt to make up for that at some point, although we have the excuse of my unemployment for bad gifts, this year. Come to think of it, I don't even know when her birthday is, and they've been married for years now. Which probably tells you a lot about my relationship with my dad, right there. I had a couple of books from Half-Price for my dad, which he seemed to like. I always buy my dad the same sort of books - stuff from the history section, about WWII or the Alamo, mostly, or sometimes about the space program. If he's tired of them he's very good at hiding it!

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Everybody has seen the meat hand that notmartha made, right? The onion fingernails are what really make it.

I made one more Halloween necklace to use up some of my leftovers:

I think it came out really well. (It's more simple than I originally intended. I keep finding that less is more here.) I also really like that chain, I'm going to have to do something else with it. I'm working on some more stuff to go in the store, but it's been slow. I feel like my standards have to be pretty high.

I love Halloween, and if we have trick-or-treaters I'll be thrilled (we didn't have one last year, though) but I think Halloween being on Saturday sounds like a prescription for disaster as far as the grown-up parties are concerned. I have gotten leery of any day where the drunks are liable to be out in force. So I'll probably be home playing WoW, for the most part. We may go out to eat, but if we do we'll probably go even earlier than we usually do.

Anyway, my back is still recovering. It's been a bad week, although it's much better than it was. (Apparently I have not eaten a whole lot, either; when I went to Weight Watchers today, I had lost about 6-1/2 pounds.)
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[ profile] theferrett  is in the hospital recovering from a burst appendix, and having time on his hands, is contemplating, well, death. He posed this question:

And now I am curious: when did medieval-you die? What injury/ailment/preexisting condition would have robbed your life without penicillin or blood transfusions or the like? And how many years have you, yes, been cheating the reaper?

Entry and many, many comments which I have not read here. (I did read as far as the first couple of comments - the very first one is one "meihua" which confused me tremendously, since it's a name that [ profile] columbina  has been known to use for game characters and other things.) (Also, I have that same lotus icon, and have even been known to use it from time to time.)

Anyway, Medieval Mel might or might not still be alive. I've never broken limbs or had an infection I can think of severe enough that it would definitely have killed me. That's all sort of Infection Bingo, in any case. However, I also have a heart murmur which is slight enough that it would certainly have been undiagnosed, but not slight enough to have absolutely no effect under stress - and the upshot of that is that I might well have died in childbirth. (Not an unusual way for medieval women to die, in any case.)

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Oct. 22nd, 2008 09:26 am
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I still feel like crap. I think it's just the usual fall sinus thing, though. Everybody I know is sick. (I figure, really, that in addition to the "usual fall sinus thing", there's mold and whatever other horrible crap is floating around Galveston, not to mention stress and exhaustion. It's a wonder anybody at all is functional.)

Whatever rumors are going around about UTMB, the off-island clinics are doing a booming business, anyway. There's one in the same shopping center we're in, and I went in yesterday to get a flu shot, and it was packed.

The area we're working at is strange, in that it's half dying and half thriving. This was a center that used to be anchored by Sam's and Wal-Mart, with a Hobby Lobby at the other end. Sam's is still here, but this Wal-Mart is closed - there's a new-ish supercenter on the other side of the freeway - and Hobby Lobby is closing. But there's also a warren of clinics and things in this center that keep it busy. Across the way is Mall of the Mainland, which has never really thrived since it opened 15 years or so ago, and which seems to be slowly dying. The Dillard's had a lot of storm damage and isn't going to re-open, and the Penney's had already gone further down the freeway to the new hot corner - I think that's where Hobby Lobby is going, too. It sill has Macy's and Sears and a couple of smaller stores, and I don't even know what's inside any more because I haven't set foot in there in years. There's still a movie theater, I think - but it has $2 admission and I'm pretty sure they stopped maintaining it ages ago.

(The Wal-Mart across the freeway is the one I call "redneck Wal-Mart." It's in Santa Fe, which has a definite tendency to be redneck city, anyway.)

(Gas at Sam's this morning was $2.50. I never thought I'd see gas that cheap again.)
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I was complaining last week about it being so cold and damp, but it's warmed up this week - I think it's probably doing to be in the 60s today. I also think it's supposed to get cooler again soon, though.

I had a massive sinus headache all day yesterday and it seems to be coming back today. There must be some serious pollen in the air, or something, because everybody is sick. There were four people (out of ten) in the office yesterday, and two of those four were sick. Everybody is here today but they are all sneezing and sniffling and dragging around.

We didn't do much over the weekend. I played a lot of GuildWars. We did go to see Juno, which I ended up liking a lot. Rob did too. [personal profile] ursulahitlerand I had discussed in my comments that the clips we had seen didn't make either of us want to go see the movie very much, but then again, it got a very high ranking on rottentomatoes, and I have gotten where I rely an awful lot on those. Juno was running at 93% there, and that's basically the main reason I went. It did seem sort of overwritten and excessively cute at the beginning (first-time screenwriter syndrome, I imagine), but once it gets rolling that mostly stops. The girl's performance is mostly what makes it work, I think. Really extraordinary.

We have also been running our own little "Lost" season 3 marathon - we had stopped watching 4 or 5 episodes in, but we ended up with a copy of the full season, since my nephew told one too many people (apparently) to get him that for Christmas. And we decided since the new episodes were starting up, we might as well just catch up. And everybody who told us that season 3 perked up after those first few episodes was right. We have definitely gotten into it - which is just as well because we waited until rather the last minute to start this. New episodes start Thursday. We have 5 old episodes to go - I think we're going to make it.


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Jan. 1st, 2008 09:31 pm
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I called work and left a message saying that it was very probable I won't be in tomorrow, unless I make a miraculous recovery. I still feel like crap. I suppose at some point I'll have to think about going to the doctor if I don't start getting better, but I'm gonna give it one more day, at least. I have no real reason to think it's more than just that same cold that Rob had a week ago - except that he was only really sick for one day, and I still feel terrible after four. I'm coughing and hacking, and I feel totally exhausted, which is the thing that's worrying me a bit. One of my co-workers was diagnosed with mononucleosis before Christmas - but his doctor said that it's actually not very contagious, and unless we'd actually been kissing him we shouldn't worry. Which of course I have not! But honestly, that's kinda what I feel like. And I've been home from Vegas for four days, so that shouldn't be it, and I have literally not been outside since then. I have been too tired. I haven't so much as been out on the patio. All I have done is sleep (quite a lot) and read, and goof around on the computer. I haven't even finished unpacking or thought seriously about taking down the holiday stuff or anything like that. Well, so anyway, we'll see. I felt less tired earlier in the day today, so maybe tomorrow I'll feel a little better too.

So I've been getting some of the pictures up, gradually.
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Man, I am tired of being sick. I feel better this afternoon and I'm hoping that means I've finally turned the corner, but I'm afraid to believe it.

Well, let's see, I haven't talked about what I've been doing in several days. I did do a few things besides just hang around and be sick... Sunday I figured it would cause family drama if I said I was too sick to go see my mom, so we went anyway. We picked up lunch on the way over there from Angelo's, because my mom loves their penne con pesto. (The day she stops wanting to eat is the day I'm really going to be worried about her. She still loves her food.) She was talking better again Sunday, but my aunt had been there on Saturday and she said she wasn't then, so it may just have been a fluke. She also seems to be operating under the assumption that she will be going home soon and I just hope she's not going to be terribly disappointed about that. Art does seem to be willing to take her home again, if she gets strong enough, but she's not nearly there yet.

Oh, also, apparently they are planning to go to Glenn's house for Christmas so we are more-or-less definitely planning on going to Bryan. (I think Rob would rather go to Glenn's, quite frankly, but since we haven't been to Bryan for Thanksgiving or Christmas in two years, Bryan won out.) We will just be gone one night - go up Christmas Eve morning and come back after lunch Christmas day.

After we left Mom's we went to Fry's and we were planning on going to Wal-Mart but I was just completely exhausted by the time we got out of Fry's. It's a big place, but some of that I think was sickliness, too. Rob spent too much time picking out movies, as usual, but we weren't there that long. He got the Hammer version of The Mummy and some Dan Curtis movie that I had never heard of. And we bought me Willow. (Hush. I know it's cheesy. I still like it.)

We did make one more stop coming back - we stopped at Palais Royal. Remember how we were talking about that store called Peebles in Ohio? Well, it turns out that they are the same chain as Bealls and Palais Royal down here. And since my mother-in-law and Aunt Betty were so crazy about Peebles, we decided to get them gift certificates for Christmas. I hadn't been in the Palais Royal in Galveston in years and years because I thought it had really gone downhill the last time we were there. But it was nice again, and they had expanded into the old Walgreen's space next door, too. (Rob spent too much time browsing there, too - this time he was looking at shoes. Isn't it women who are supposed to be all into the shoe-shopping?)

Yesterday morning I was still coughing and sneezing and hacking, but I had a couple of things I was worried about at work - most notably, a meeting that needed changing that I forgot to take care of Friday - so I went in and stayed a couple of hours and then left. And today I didn't go in at all. Today, the sneezing and everything was better, but I woke up with a killer headache, and went back to bed and slept - or dozed, at least - all morning. By the time I woke up and had lunch and recovered, and realized that I did in fact feel better, it was 3:00 and too late to bother going in. (I imagine things are pretty slow this week, anyway. Hope I'm right about that!)

I did mail my in-laws' Christmas presents while I was at work yesterday, so that's taken care of. And I pretty much got the rest of the cards done yesterday afternoon. I still have some things to do, but I think I'll be able to manage to get everything taken care of by the weekend. If I don't have a relapse, anyway. Cross your fingers.

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Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

(Explanation of the picture is at the bottom.)

I went home sick today. I think this time it's my boss' fault; she had a cold and now most everybody in our office seems to have come down with it. I'm just hoping I won't be as sick as I was at Thanksgiving. I worked until about 12:45 and got most of the stuff I needed to do, done, so I don't have to worry about it Monday; then I left.

I drove home in fog like pea soup. No burning off in the middle of the day today. It was bad at 1:00 and it was worse at 5:00, when I came back to get Rob. They said on the news that visibility in Galveston was 8/10 of a mile but that's bullshit. Maybe away from the beach it was, but on the Seawall it was not much at all over a quarter of a mile. (Not unless they measure these things in a way that has nothing at all to do with how far you can actually, see, anyway.)

(I have to talk about GuildWars here & there, you know?)

I deleted my mesmer that I made in the original game, because I wasn't playing her at ALL since nightfall started, and I started a new mesmer in Nightfall. This is the new one, in the picture. I really do like playing a mesmer, but - I don't know why really, I just wasn't thrilled with my Prophecies one. We'll see if I keep playing this one.

(Notice the Egyptian influence in that picture, by the way - the giant "queen" statues, I mean. There are a number of those around in the game.)

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Does it make me sound really neurotic that I talk about Ambien all the time? (Or does it just make me sound like a junkie?) Well, I don't care, they have improved the quality of my life, because what I am is a big ol' insomniac, and I do have official permission from my doctor to take them 26 days a month. That's a weird number of pills to write a prescription for, isn't it? I guess that's supposed to be 30 minus 4, because I'm supposed to take a day off every week. Usually I try to take TWO days off every week - Friday and Saturday - but this is my first one in two weeks, I guess, because last weekend I was still pretty sick and I kept waking up to cough, and Benadryl just wasn't making me sleepy enough to do any good. So I got up both nights and took half an Ambien in the middle of the night. Pretty sad.

The coughing is gradually subsiding, by the way. I'm still coughing some, but it gets a little less every day. Actually I had a huge coughing fit last night, but I'm pretty sure that was allergy-related - I had a box of Clementines and a couple of them had managed to go terribly moldy already (stupid damp climate) and when I went to throw them out I think I got a couple of big lungfuls of mold. You could see it blow up into the air. Ick.

(I'm coughing less, but I still kinda felt like crap today. I have really had enough with the feeling bad.)

[personal profile] entelein was dissing on the Chipmunks last night and I was sort of (playfully) defending them in comments, and after I thought about it, I remembered why I am still sort of overly fond of the Chipmunks. When I was an undergraduate, somebody had one of their albums, and we used to, well, you know, ingest somewhat-illegal substances* and then listen to the Chipmunks from time to time, and really, at the time that seemed like the funniest thing on earth. That and Magical Mystery Tour. Go figure.

*Remember that I graduated from UT (the first time) in 1981. I think it was pretty fair to call them only somewhat illegal, in Austin back in those days before "Just Say No" - people used to say that you had to go and wave something under a policeman's nose in order to get in trouble, and I'd say that that was pretty much true.

(Boy, now I *really* sound like a junkie.)

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I have become something of an expert on cough drops in the last few weeks. Basically, I don't think I'd've been able to survive without them. It is amazingly hard to find the same cough drops at different stores; they seem to all have a little different selection. After three weeks of sucking on the damn things, I have a clear favorite: Halls Sugar Free Assorted Mint Flavors. (Which I have only been able to find at Walgreen's and Krogers.) My back-ups are Ricola Lemon-Mint, which you can find most places, or CVS's house-brand mint - which have the advantage of being extremely cheap (99 cents for a very large bag), and taste pretty similar to Halls. I find that I really, really prefer the sugar-free ones, though. When you've got one of the sugary ones in your mouth all day for days on end, eventually you start feeling like your teeth are going to fall out.

I am not a person who normally shops at drugstores, for some reason. They built a new competing-CVS-and-Walgreens duo on opposite corners of a main intersection here a year or two ago, and I had been in the Walgreen's exactly once and the CVS not at all, up until last week. But it is much easier to run in there after cough drops than to run into a grocery store or Wal-Mart. (For that matter, there is no "running in" to either of those places. There is just no getting in & out quickly whatsoever.)

Hmm, you know, I complain about the big stores, but I am also not a person who shops at convenience stores. I can't even tell you the last time I went in one. Probably the only time I ever go inside one, actually, is when I'm getting gas and can't pay outside for one reason or another. I seriously avoid going inside, I think, although it's not something I give much thought to. I dislike buying gas at all, for one thing, but since I have to do it I very much prefer to pay at the pump and get out of there. I was an early and enthusiastic adopter of pay-at-the-pump, actually; when it first surfaced and was only at a few places, I would go miles out of my way for it.

I'm trying to think why I got that way about it. Years and years ago, when I was first driving, nothing had gotten automated yet and you didn't have much choice about going inside - unless you were willing to pay a lot more to have somebody else pump your gas and bring your credit card slip outside to sign, you had to. But they used to let you pump before you paid, and I think part of my dislike of the whole thing comes from that two-part process they came up with for security reasons, where you had to go take your money or your credit card inside before you pumped, and then go in again if you had change, or to sign your receipt. (And I guess if you don't do pay-at-the-pump, you still have to do that, don't you?)

And then the other part of it is that I am basically and intrinsically cheap, and can't stand paying convenience store prices for things. I guess that comes from not ever having much money most of my life.

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I can’t sleep. I got up and took a benadryl and I’m hoping it kicks in soon. I’ve felt fairly crappy all day today and I really don’t want to miss work tomorrow. Especially since I am going to be gone Tuesday in any case, in order to have the damn needle biopsy that I put off last week because I was so sick. I have now been sick for just about two weeks, and I am awfully fucking tired of it.

Until today, I had actually been feeling better. The last couple of days I had still coughing some, but not quite as much, and I felt quite a lot better. Well, I don’t care - if I still feel this bad tomorrow, I’m staying home. They can manage without me for a couple of days, and I can stay home and lounge around in bed and read Harry Potter and take naps, and hope that  that makes me feel better, because I’ve had it with being sick.

Did y’all see the piece on Netflix on 60 Minutes? It made me want to watch all the Netflix DVDs that are lying around my house so I can get new ones. I had already watched one on Friday - the first four episodes of the Christopher Eccleson season of Doctor Who. Then tonight I watched another one - the last disk of the BBC Bleak House from last year. (I really do need to read that book.)

Yesterday we finally got the license plates for the new car, and since the check for the down payment also finally came through the bank this week, I finally feel like we actually own the car. I mean, really, if somebody wrote you a check for over $2000, would it take you three weeks to cash it? I was beginning to think they lost it.


Nov. 28th, 2006 09:35 pm
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Well, I don't have bronchitis. But it wasn't a wasted trip, because I actually saw my very own doctor, and she said if I get worse, and you know, start coughing up green stuff or something, she will call me in antibiotics without me having to come in again, which is nice to know. I sure do feel like crap, though. (And I sure do hope I don't have to take her up on that offer - because, you know, green stuff. Ick.)

I didn't have to go up to Houston, because my mother is still in the hospital. And actually I won't have to go into Houston proper at all, because it turns out the hospital can release her without my signature. After all, they admitted her without it. It's the nursing home in Clear Lake that needs the signatures. Of course this means I still am going to have to leave work tomorrow at some point to go up there - assuming everybody can get their shit together and get her down there tomorrow - but I honestly have to say that I don't mind so much that I have to leave again, because I felt so horrible I was just happy to get to stay home today. I sure hope to hell I feel better tomorrow.

Christmas trends: I have already gotten two Christmas cards, and it's not even December. If this is a trend, I don't like it. (Admittedly, one of them comes from a friend with a seriously obsessive-compulsive husband, and I'm just about sure it's him who's responsible for mailing the cards out before Thanksgiving.)

Also, how the hell has the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show become a holiday event? Because the women in skimpy lingerie have on fur and glitter and sometimes angel wings? This is one of those things I really, really don't get.

(Proof of how bad I feel? It's 20 'til 10, and I just took an Ambien. I can pretty much count on one hand the number of times I've been to bed before 11 in the last 5 years.)
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Well, never mind, I am not having the biopsy today after all, I am too sick. I am probably going to go to my doctor's office after while and get them to work me in and see if they think I have bronchitis or not. And then it looks like I am going to have to go up to Houston to sign papers for my mom to get transferred out of the hospital - to where, I'm not 100% sure. But I guess somebody up there is figuring that out. Apparently she is no longer considered competent to sign for herself, which means I get to do it. Joy. So anyway, I guess it worked out that I'm off today, because it sounds like I'm going to be busy.

The biopsy, if you're wondering, will be next Tuesday (the 4th, I think?) - same time same place.

La la la

Nov. 26th, 2006 11:25 pm
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I wish I could make my crazy family sound this funny.

In other news, still sick. I really really don't want it to turn out to be bronchitis. (I have no real reason to think it's bronchitis, except that I keep on coughing. Very annoying, and my tongue is green from all the damn spearmint-flavored cough drops.)
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I was intending to write a long entry today but I am tired and sick and grouchy and it's probably best that I just keep this short.

My mom is in the hospital at M.D. Anderson (that's the big cancer hospital in Houston). She is not really any worse than she was, except that they doubled the dose of steroids she's on and now she can't talk coherently at ALL. She seems to understand what you're telling her perfectly well, but when she goes to answer you the wrong words come out. You know how sometimes you mean to say one person's name and you say somebody else's instead? Well, she does that every single time. Like, when she means to say "Art" she says "C.L." instead (that's my dad), and when she means to say my sister's name she says mine, and I decided the other day that she may be messing up "yes" and "no" also. I think tomorrow when I go I'm going to make her nod or shake her head instead, and see where that gets us. I know I'm frustrated and I can just imagine how she must be feeling.

There is a ray of hope - or I'm choosing to take it that way, anyway. They are talking about doing surgery again. I figure if there was no hope at all, they wouldn't be considering it. I will probably have the final say on it, since she can't really tell them and I'm the one with power of attorney, god help me. I am going to ask a LOT of questions before I say yes, I know that. I'm hoping I will be able to tell how mom feels about it, too, even if she can't actually say so. Up to now she has been consistently in favor of the agressive approach. (But look where that's gotten us.)

We ended up having a decent Thanksgiving. We got invited to horn in on somebody else's dinner - one of Art's kids - and we accepted gladly. We were still invited to my aunt's in Bryan, of course, but I just didn't have the energy to go up there. The worst part was that we went to see Mom first, and she wanted to come with us to dinner. I felt so bad leaving her!

I have been sick all week - either a cold or allergies, it's hard to tell. I probably shouldn't even have been going to the hospital at all in that state, but I wasn't sneezing or anything, and I washed my hands a lot. (And how am I going to tell my mom, sorry, I can't come see you, I have a cold?) I think I was choosing to tell myself it was allergies, although the way it's been steadily progressing from runny nose to sneezing to cough all week, I suspect that I was probably wrong about that. Anyway, now I am to the coughing stage and I'm really tired of it. I did stay home and try to rest today but I don't know if it helped that much. I still feel exhausted.

(This was longer than I intended but it all poured out pretty fast. I've written much shorter entries that took much, much longer to write.)


Oct. 24th, 2006 03:35 pm
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I am home sick. I had a random stomach ailment which kept me up a good portion of the night, and I slept all morning and still feel wiped out. I keep going to lay down for a while but I don't seem able to sleep any more, and not much interested in reading, either. So, I try to sleep a while, try to read a while, play Guild Wars for a while (I have a ranger in pre-searing who I'm probably going to delete when I get tired of that), read LJ for a while, etc.

Random stuff from my unplanned day off:

Existential flame war (aka [info]efw) is mostly a very inactive community, but it's frequently very funny when it gets going, and this is hilarious. Something about it seems to have really inspired the commenters to new heights of silliness.

I bought the Winona Ryder version of Little Women at Wal-Mart yesterday for the princely sum of $5.50. There was a whole big display hidden back between the electronics and automotive sections - I need to remember to go check it out again, because there were some other pretty good movies in there. I hadn't watched that movie in a long time, but I've always liked it, and really, I hadn't seen Winona Ryder in anything at all in so long that I'd forgotten how much I liked her. I know she's been around some recently; I wonder if she's going to be allowed to come out of the purgatory she went into after all of that shoplifting to-do. Really, it's about time, isn't it? I mean, yeah, she did something illegal and grossly stupid, but she's hardly the first star to do that. I'm not at all clear on why her career has suffered so much more than, say, Robert Downey's. I'm wondering if it's an image thing - that is, because she's young and female she's not given as much leeway.

Does it seem to anybody else that the Christmas advertising is starting way too early? I probably say this every year, but for goodness sake, it's not even Halloween! I am just not ready for Christmas mode quite yet.
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Somebody on my friendslist wrote a "where I was" entry, and it reminded me that I've sort of been meaning to talk about this all day. I've talked about it before, but I think that entry is gone.

The thing is, I practically missed 9/11. (Not that that's necessarily a bad thing.)

I had called in sick, because I woke up with my usual sinus crap, headache & dizziness & all that stuff, and I slept late and then I read the rest of the morning. Nobody knew I was home (well, except my co-workers) because I didn't realize how bad I was feeling until after Rob had already left, so nobody called me to tell me, they just assumed I was at work & I would already know. I don't remember what I was reading, but I must've been really engrossed in it, because it was 2:00 before I got up. (It's possible that some napping went on somewhere in there, too.) When I did get up, I turned on the computer, not the TV - but I had AOL in those days (yeah, yeah, I know) and the picture of the burning towers was on the welcome screen. Some welcome. So then I turned on the TV, and I saw.

I remember that my first reaction was disbelief. And it's funny, I watched the CNN replay of the original coverage today, and it seemed like that was everybody else's first reaction, too. Not really surprising, but I missed all that at the time, see. Even after the 2nd plane flew into the towers, the commentators were still discussing whether it could possibly have been a mistake - some kind of terrible error  with navigational equipment. Yeah, right. Even though it was a perfectly clear day. And it was also very clear that when the first tower collapsed, nobody was wanting to believe what they were seeing. Even after the dust cleared enough that you could clearly see that there was no tower there, nobody would say it. Finally they started saying that part of the tower might have collapsed, that was as far as they went in the coverage I saw. And I mean, I'm not saying that that was an unnatural reaction to a huge event like this one - I'm just saying that I really didn't even know until today that that was the reaction at all. Even after all the years and all the press coverage, there are still big gaps in my knowledge about that day.

They also kept talking today about how beautiful the weather was that day, and I don't remember them saying that at the time. - They probably didn't, actually. It's the kind of thing you think about afterwards. It was beautiful here too. The only reason I went outside at all was because I had a 4:00 psych appointment. (This was during my Psycho Depressed Woman period.) I remember that the sky was very blue and that the dragonflies were swarming - something they do this time of year, but I've never seen as many as I saw that day. Now whenever I see a lot of dragonflies I always think about that day.

I've always thought that having missed all the early coverage of that day made it just the slightest bit easier to get through. Or maybe it was just partly the depressed state I was already in - my emotions were pretty much encased in cotton-wool already, at the time. I mean, I was still somewhat traumatized, definitely, but not to the degree that a lot of other people seemed to be. And at least by the time I found out what was happening, the worst of the uncertainty was over. I do think that was a help.

You know, though, there was another thing going on there. Maybe I'm just a more skeptical person by nature, because I always believed that there would be a terrorist attack in the US eventually. Do you remember people saying things like, "Oh, that'll never happen here"? I do. And I never believed them. I certainly didn't imagine the horror and the magnitude of that attack, but it didn't surprise me a bit that there was one. (I mean, hell, there had already been one. 1993, wasn't it?)

(This is sort of rambly but I'm sleepy and I don't have the patience to edit it any more. I hope this makes some sense.)
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It's about 65 degrees here this morning. This is not normal Texas-in-May weather. By May we don't normally see anything under 70, even at night. We had crazy weather blow through here yesterday, though, and apparently that was the usual mess that gets pushed ahead of a cold front - the second one this week! Like I said, very unusual for us this time of year.

The good news is that the cold fronts seem to have blown all that pollen away, or something - my sinuses have subsided to sort of a dull roar, anyway, which is more or less their default state.

I hope everybody in the Boston area is okay - I have heard rather alarming things from a couple of people, and it's bad enough that it even made the news here, an awfully long way away.

This was a rather tiring weekend. Saturday I did docent duty at the Historical Home Tour, which is an annual thing they have in Galveston. Somehow - I have no idea how - I had managed to evade getting talked into doing this before. But it was sort of fun. I met groups at the top of the stairs of this particular house and showed them a quilt hanging in the hall and took them through a sitting room and a bedroom, and told them some family history and then about the cool furniture in the rooms - and managed to get the phrase "burled-walnut half-teester" out of my mouth a dozen times or so without tripping over it, amazingly - and then handed them on to the next docent. (I did way more than a dozen rounds of my little tour,* but I kept forgetting to say that part, darnit. Because when I forgot, a lot of people never looked up at the top of the bed, and the half-canopy thing is pretty cool.)

Then after I got home I played marathon Guild Wars with Col, because, you know, he's gonna be gone a few days, and we had to make up for the lost time in advance! And Rob & I went to the grocery store in there somewhere, too. (Lemme tell you, Wal-Mart on Saturday afternoon is an experience in itself.)

Then yesterday I went over to Mom's, which is always tiring these days, I'm afraid. I don't know why I've started finding her so hard to deal with all of a sudden - this really didn't hit me until a month or two ago. She's just, well, flaky. Very, very flaky. It's exhausting, and also scary, because I'm afraid it's just going to get worse. If she didn't have the brain tumor I would think she was getting Alzheimer's, because that's what it's like, you know? Like the very early stages of Alzheimer's, where the person just forgets random things and is sort of vaguely out of it, and you can't quite pin it down. We went through that with my grandmother, so that's the first thing I think of.

Oh, also - Mom calls me this morning and puts Art on the phone, and we have a conversation that goes sorta like this:

Art: The computer won't turn on.
Me: Well, have you checked the power cords and things?
Art: Yeah, all the lights are coming on and everything. (Pause.) But it's not actually the computer, it's the screen. The computer's coming on fine.
Me: Oh. Well, have you tried turning it off and turning it on again?
Art: Yeah, we did that.
Me: Well.... (trying to think of something else to do)
Art: Oh, wait, you mean there's a button on the screen itself?

Now, in their defense, their monitor puts itself to sleep when they turn the computer off, so they don't normally have to touch it. But still, aargh. I think I was very polite for getting hit with something like that at 8:15 in the morning, on the whole.

*Little tour = tourlet? Ugh, maybe not.

Sick Day

Mar. 27th, 2006 11:53 pm
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Guild Wars Factions preview
Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

(Written earlier)
I stayed home sick this morning. (Cut so the whole world doesn't have to hear me moaning about my sinuses.)

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I did get up and drag into work, although I've felt sort of weird all day. I stopped at Sonic on the way to work - comfort food - only I wasn't very hungry, as it turned out. (If that's not a sign that something's wrong with me, I don't know what is.) I did get at least a little bit of work done, so at least I won't be behind when I go to work tomorrow.

The picture is a partial screen shot from the Guild Wars thing we were playing this weekend. The nubile thing in purple in the foreground is "me" - my character, that is, caught in mid-dance-move. (Also, note the somewhat-less-clothed dancers on the right.) I have now given in and ordered the original Guild Wars from Amazon (because it was $10 cheaper there than in the stores here) and since I have the free-ship thing - aka Amazon Prime - it will be here on Wednesday. I decided that it worked well enough with the "bad" video card that I would just start out playing with the one I have and switch it out later.

And now I have had another Ambien and am in badly in need of a bed, so good night.
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(Part of this was written yesterday.)

I am writing this entry on Notepad because the writing of it is liable to be on-again, off-again. Rob will be home in a little while, and usually that is his designated computer time, and even if he doesn't want it, I've been sitting here most of the afternoon and I think I am ready to go lie down again.

I am sickly today. I don't exactly know why. I didn't sleep well last night, partly because my sinuses were acting up, and partly because I am just an insomniac, at least that's what I thought. I dragged out of bed around 7:15 and got dressed and started out the door to work and I just felt awful. And like I said, I am something of an insomniac and I am fairly accustomed to dragging myself to work in a sleep-deprived state, but today was different, somehow. Rob could tell, even - he told me to go back to bed if I wanted to, and he doesn't usually really encourage me to do that. So I did. I took an ambien and called and left a message at work that I wouldn't be in this morning, and went back to bed and slept til nearly noon.

And if it was mostly lack of sleep that was the problem, then I should be all cured, right? Four more hours of sleep ought to have been plenty. But no, I got up and started to get dressed and I still felt like crap. Just kind of generalized symptoms - achy, etc. I hope to god I'm not coming down with the flu. (I've had a flu shot, so I shouldn't be. But doesn't that sound suspiciously like it?)

Anyway. I really meant to write about my weekend. But really, this weekend was mostly like most of my weekends, except for the extra day. So I will content myself with saying that we went to see Munich, and I really liked it a lot. I have now seen three of the five Best Picture candidates, and I would put Munich in the middle, Brokeback Mountain at the bottom, and Capote at the top. And actually, Munich is a fairly close second; it has grown on me a bit in the couple of days since I've seen it. (Brokeback, for whatever reason, is sort of going the opposite way in my mind. I liked it better the first couple of days than I do now.)

(Now it's today, not yesterday!) I went to work today, and felt better, but I am still sort of achy and tired. My latest theory is that I actually have a mild case of the flu, and the flu shot is keeping it from getting any worse. Let's hope it's that, and not incipient bronchitis or something.


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