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Just got home. A lot of flights were running late, including mine - some sort of weather system coming through, I think? and when our plane eventually pulled up to the gate in Dallas, they hustled us all on and were pulling out again in not much over 10 minutes flat, period. I thought they were just trying to catch up to the schedule, until we started to land, and then we came down through clouds, clouds and more clouds, and didn't see the ground until we were awfully close to it - in other words, we came very very near getting fogged out. They obviously knew exactly why they were rushing.

It's warm here - that's when we get fog - but it was damned chilly in Dallas yesterday when I was out and about, and it apparently is supposed to get even colder this weekend. Or so the people who live there were saying, anyway. I will talk more about Dallas later, because I wrote a lot of stuff down on paper while I was sitting around in various airports and I might as well transcribe it, since it's already written.

It looked like fall in Dallas, I don't think I said that elsewhere. There's a little bit of fall color here, but it was very pretty there. I'm sure up north the leaves are already gone, but in north Texas it's high season.

Somebody on Facebook linked to this YouTube video - I don't know what that weird guitar-like instrument is that that guy is playing but it sounds good!

OK, I'm very very tired - I got up really early this morning and had makeup on and my luggage stowed in the car before seminar registration even opened at 8. Go me.

One more thing - no, two more:
1. In case you were wondering, there is now a CPT code for H1N1. I can tell you what it is, if you really want to know, but I don't have it in front of me right now. I only know that it exists, but it's not in the new code book, because they didn't add it in time for the publishing deadline.
2. When I called to say I might be late, my husband informed me that he was taping "A Charlie Brown Christmas" for me. Aw.


Jan. 14th, 2007 11:28 pm
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I have to post today just to use this icon, so, you know, Happy Valentine's Day and all that! And I hope everybody (who wants to) gets laid. (After all, that's what this holiday is for, right?)

I got a dozen gorgeous purplish-tinged pink roses already, and a largish box of Turtles (which I had confessed to Rob at the store a few weeks ago that I secretly craved). I think Rob must've bought it all last night and hidden it in the truck. I had told him not to spend a bunch of money but I know the roses came from Kroger's so I don't suppose they cost a mint. I'm not going to complain!
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We spent most of yesterday celebrating Rob's birthday, even though his birthday was actually Saturday. My mother had decreed that I would just go over to her house Saturday like normal, and we would celebrate on Sunday, and since she's sickly she mostly gets her way about these things. Rob didn't seem to care anyway - he went off to the gun range to try out his new Winchester 1894. Mom and I went out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant, which seemed like old times, a little bit. It's the first time she & I had been out to lunch since before her biopsy at the beginning of December.

Yesterday we met my mother and Art at Casey's, which is a nice-but-not-ridiculously-expensive seafood restaurant (actually it's ajacent to and owned by the same family as the very-much-ridiculously-expensive one both of us used to work at - it's where we met) and they bought us lunch. (I had chicken. Rob had a gigantic grilled seafood platter.) So that was nice. Then after they had left, we decided to go up to Fry's and let Rob pick out a couple of movies for his birthday. Technically, staying in the fancy hotel in Houston last week was his main birthday present. But I usually get him some more stuff anyway. I had bought a couple of little things but I felt like he was getting shafted a little bit. So, movies. We ended up spending a hundred freaking dollars, of course. That place is a black pit that sucks in your money! He got several movies, though, and the new version of Combat Flight Simulator, which he had never gotten, and I got a couple of small things myself, so I guess that wasn't bad for all of that.

What I got was a quilting magazine and year-before-last's copy of The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas (hey, it was on sale), because somewhere in my head I want to go back to Vegas again. I've been sort of halfway keeping an eye out for cheap tickets to Vegas for a while now. Really, if we go, it ought to be later this year rather than earlier, though.

Anyway, I had a Foley's gift card (from my dad) that I never had used, so while we were up that way we went and I bought a couple of pairs of shoes (a pair of black Naturalizer loafers and a pair of clunky brown Clark's). I needed them.

I spent most of the rest of the day playing Dofus - and quizzing [ profile] columbina about what the heck I was supposed to be doing, because I was sort of lost. I think I'm starting to get the hang of it a little bit, though. I also seem to be hooked. I stayed up until midnight collecting arachnee legs for my next quest. Damn these addicting games!!
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Here's the text messages I got today with Rob's chip times:
6.2 miles: 00:43:27 (6:59 pace) (predicted 3:03:05)
13.1 miles: 01:29:57 (6:51 pace) (predicted 2:59:35)
18.6 miles: 02:06:42 (6:47 pace) (predicted 2:57:50)
finish: 2:59:04 (6:49 pace)

Personally, as a spouse of a longtime runner, I think the text messages are a great invention. About the time I start wondering how things are going and if he got hit by a car or anything (okay, that's highly unlikely during the marathon, really, since they close all the streets off - I really worry more about him getting hurt in some much more mundane way), I get another text message.

Anyway, the predicted times getting lower and lower is normal - he always runs what they call "negative splits" in the marathon, which just means he runs the 2nd half faster than the first half. So all looks normal there up until the finish time. I saw him right around mile 18, though, and I knew something was wrong - he wasn't running smoothly like he usually does. He's been complaining about his hamstring a little bit, and sure enough, that was it. He said he almost quit but he kept going because he knew he could still break three hours. Crazy thing. (I'm being flip but this really does worry me a fair bit - I worry that he's going to try to run through some really serious injury one of these days, and make it worse.)

(Hey, I just found out that if you go to tomorrow and put in Rob's bib number - 1179 - you are supposed to be able to see him cross the finish line! Ain't technology grand.)
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I feel so scattered lately. And the bad thing is, I'm always scattered, so for me to notice it it's got to be even worse than usual. I don't know what to make of that, I just thought I'd throw it out there.

On that cheery note... We will be busy this weekend, so hopefully I won't have too much time to brood. I feel kind of broody right now (as you can probably tell), but I'll get over it. I always do.

If you want to know what I'll be doing this weekend, see last year's entry. Because it'll be pretty much exactly the same. Except that I can't tell you ahead of time how fast Rob will run, of course - although barring injury or something like that, he always runs something just under three hours. And also, we are staying at the Hilton this year, unlike last year. I'm fairly excited about that, actually, because it's right there by the start/finish line. No shuttling back and forth - I can stay in bed all morning if I want to! (Although we have yet to negotiate whether I'm going to try to meet him someplace with Gatorade, which I do most years. We'll see about that part.)
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Well. The police have just been here. Rob went out for a walk before bedtime - he always takes one, has since I've known him - and he passed two teenagers on the street back behind our apartments, and as they passed, one of them suddenly punched him in the jaw. Pretty hard, apparently. (He said the other kid looked nearly as surprised as he did.) And then they just ran off. Rob's alright, he had a little bit of abrasion and his jaw is pretty sore, but I don't think anything's broken. He took some advil and he's gone to bed now. First he wasn't going to call the police but after a while he decided to. I could tell he felt better after he did. Of course, the police can't really do anything except file it away and see if they get any more reports that match up with it (?) but unless the kid is dumb enough to go around randomly punching other guys I can't see how anything much can come of it. Still, it doesn't hurt to call.

This is a turn I didn't quite expect my Thursday night to take. Really bizarre, and a little bit scary. We don't live in a really low-crime neighborhood; we live in apartment-ville, an area of nice-but-not-ritzy apartment complexes, and the tenants are a pretty mixed lot. But the crime around here is mostly the occasional burglary, as far as I know. Cars broken into, sometimes an apartment. No gang stuff that I know of, even. (And how do you explain that anyway? Gangs? The guy was on drugs? Or he somehow thought Rob was attacking him? I don't have a clue.)

Very, very odd.
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(Maybe I should put this behind a cut since this involves explosions and oral surgeons and other fun things and it's liable to get long.)

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It was so gorgeous outside today. Of course, that's a mixed blessing this time of year, since the Seawall was packed with tourists and it took me a lot longer to get home than it would otherwise, but it was so beautiful I can't say I really cared. I always wonder about the people who come to Galveston to go swimming this time of year, though, because the water is not warm. In fact, it's about 60, which I know from past experience feels awfully fucking cold. But that doesn't stop them, because it's spring and they want to swim, dammit. (What I never understand is why nobody wants to swim in the fall, when it's uniformly gorgeous and hot and the water is warm too, and there's no tourists anywhere. It's something of a mystery to me.)

I might have been so happy to be out with the warm weather and the tourists because I was happy to be away from work. We got busy this afternoon and I got really stressed. I don't even really know why, because it was busy but it wasn't that awful. I think I'm spoiled; I'm just not used to having to work under time pressure these days.

One nice thing - I get to sleep an extra hour or so in the morning, because Rob is going to the oral surgeon to have a couple of teeth out and I have to take him since he's having general anesthesia. (The teeth both have old root canals that are messed up because our old dentist was a quack, and our "new" - non-quack - dentist said since they're way in the back it was probably better just to pull them.) It's only supposed to take about half an hour, and I'm supposed to go to work after I bring him home; I hope he seems okay or I'm going to be afraid to leave him alone.
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Rob woke up this morning and said, "I'm 42," in an extremely gloomy voice. I think his birthday might have gone uphill from there, though.
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Yesterday I said to Rob, "We ought to go up to Fry's before Christmas and get you a couple of movies." Well, before I knew it, we were in the car heading up to Fry's. He did the same thing Mom did, he said "It doesn't look that busy" when we were driving up - the thing is, you come up to it from the back side. It was packed, again (although the checkout line wasn't as bad as it was on Saturday, thank goodness). He bought three, count 'em, three vampire movies - one was the old Nosferatu silent, and one was the Jack Palance version of Dracula, and Blacula (Me: "Are you sure you don't already have that?" But apparently not. He did have Nosferatu on VHS, but this one was only $4.99 so it's worth buying again for that kind of price. I bet the transfer isn't too great, though.) I ended up spending more than he did, I bought season 1 of "Dead Like Me" - my thinking was that at $35 it's cheaper than a couple of months of Netflix, which apparently is about the only other way I'd be able to see it. We've already established that the local video stores don't have it.

We went to Jason's Deli and had lunch, since we were already up that way, and then swung by the Redneck Wal-Mart on the way home (that's my pet name for the one in Santa Fe). We bought a couple of gift cards and ROTK EE, which was on sale for about $7 cheaper there than at Fry's, and first thing you knew we'd spent $98. Which means that it was an expensive afternoon, altogether. But oh well, it's Christmas. We really haven't gone altogether nuts on the gifts this year, so we should be ok. (We have an "extra" paycheck each next month, because of the way our bills fall due - it's all going to be going straight to Visa.)
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(It's probably bad luck or something to use that icon, but I can't resist.) (Note written much later: I have no idea what icon I was talking about, it's long-gone, apparently. Possibly something about a plane?)

I am still mostly avoiding packing, but somewhere in there I have managed to at least get my clothes packed. And some books and stuff. I still need to make sure I have things like pills and toothpaste and all that.

Rob got up at some ungodly hour this morning and ran 15 miles in the rain. He came home with chafing in, well, some body parts that it would be way TMI to mention. Crazy thing. AND while he was gone Art called. Mom had another seizure last night and is back in the hospital. She's really ok, it turns out - apparently her Dilantin, the anti-seizure medicine, got too low and thus the seizure. Much as I would like to use this as an excuse to stay home, I don't think it's gonna fly. Ohio, here I come.

Not only has my mother been a trooper through this whole mess, y'all, but her significant other deserves some kind of prize. He is 82 years old (luckily a pretty hale 82) and has taken her to the ER twice now, taken amazing care of her, chauffeured her around, and generally been a model unhusband. My sister and I complain about him - her more than me, really, because I'm around him more and I'm used to him - but we would be in deep shit without him. (The reason for the complaints: major case of obsessive-compulsive neatness. My sister and I are both slobs to one degree or another and we make him nuts.)

Labor Day

Sep. 6th, 2004 08:18 pm
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We went & had dinner at Kelley's Country Cookin' (great name, ain't it?) - we used to eat there all the time but we don't eat out at the drop of a hat like we used to. Well, at least, Rob doesn't; I still do way too much eating out at lunch. I'm going to have to behave for the next two weeks because we're broke as all hell. We cheated tonight and charged it but we can't keep doing that. Anyway, I only have two work days this week so I have limited opportunities to eat out. I'm off Thursday and Friday, yay!

We went to Dillard's after dinner and got a gift certificate for my sister's birthday, since I didn't know what the heck else to get her. We also bought Rob a pair of Timberlands that were 50% off to wear to work. He's been wearing a pair of Earth Shoes that we bought at Target for a year or so and they were pitiful. I hadn't been paying attention or I would have made him get new ones sooner.

I might ought to start thinking seriously about packing a little bit. We're going to a four-day quilt retreat, and if you're going to sew, it involves taking a good bit of stuff. (Every year my mother's boyfriend says, "Why don't you just stay here and sew for four days? It'd be a lot less trouble.") And we have to get off fairly early Thursday morning, partly because my mother is a person who likes to have a schedule and it'll make her crazy if I'm very late, and also because we're going to have lunch with my sister on the way up. Her birthday is next week and we didn't think we'd have another chance before then.


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