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I went to work today, for five whole hours. We are in noisy, ugly temporary quarters but it was nice to talk to everybody. Rob went to work, too, but was released after a while and told their department was off "indefinitely". He will get paid for two more weeks, but I'm not sure what would happen after that. I suspect that they will find them something to do, in any case. (Knock on wood.)

I am now driving a bright-blue PT Cruiser. Getting it was a pain, but I've got it now and I'm not giving it back until they decide what the deal is with my car. I have an opinion on that, I just hope State Farm agrees with me. If they try to tell me that car is repairable I'm not going to be happy.

I am so tired. I guess it's just cumulative - or else I'm getting sick, which wouldn't be terribly surprising at this point, either. Don't know which. I am going to go sleep on my lovely new Ikea bed very soon, which we paid some guys $90 to assemble earlier today. It was totally worth the money, as far as I'm concerned.

I did not know there was such a thing as the Blue Roof Program, but I knew what they were talking about the minute I saw a flyer for it yesterday. All those neatly-done blue tarps are very, very noticeable in Galveston. And I had noticed that they didn't look amateurish and they all looked rather alike. The Corps of Engineers (and FEMA, god knows) have taken a lot of heat in the last couple of years, but I can tell you that a lot of people are really happy to have those blue roofs.

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Even though it's been 80 degrees here in the afternoons, part of me seems to think it's fall - at least, I went and took the bright colored batik quilt (which is my mom's handiwork) - and the purple-dotted sheets I bought to go with it - off of the bed last night, and put on the one I consider my winter quilt and slightly more subdued sheets instead. Although then it occurred to me that I also have Mom's big Christmas quilt, so I guess I will have to switch to it soon. Or just add it on top, if it ever actually gets cold. I had better use it, one way or the other, because I went through a little mini-drama to get to keep it. I had told a certain extended family-member that she could have some quilts, and she tried to take that one with her and I said "Oh no, I was intending to keep that one," and removed it bodily from her pile. I felt sort of bad but I was perfectly entitled to do it, and I would be kicking myself now if I hadn't.

We got the easy part of the unpacking done pretty fast - the dishes and books and things like that that had obvious places to put them. Now we're down to the hard part. I think I probably need a filing cabinet for all the papers - between estate stuff and our own finances, there's a lot of stuff I'm going to want to keep for the near future, at least. And I need to get back to all that scanning and shredding I was doing before the move. We still really have papers out the wazoo. The sewing room is a mess, too, because on top of all the sewing stuff I have all of those quilts - some of mine, some of Mom's, and some that came from my grandmother's house that I don't even know who made them! (Although I'm pretty sure it wasn't my grandmother.) And clothes. Jesus, I have a lot of clothes. I hung stuff up in the half of the closet that doesn't have quilt stuff in it, and filled up all the storage things I bought for clothes (several of them) and I still have clothes overflowing. And I already threw away/donated a whole bunch of stuff! Who knew I had so many clothes?

Oh, so that was the Catacombs of Kathandrax I was babbling about at the bottom of my entry last night - not that anybody but Col cares, and he probably knew what I meant, anyway. I shouldn't post when I am sleepy, I either go off on some incoherent rant or just plain babble incoherently! Anyway, it's a GWEN dungeon with three levels and it was pretty difficult. We had six people from my guild and two monk heroes - and later five real people, because one player was in Europe and I guess he didn't realize it was going to take so long! It took... well, I'm not sure because I don't know what time we started. Two and a half hours, maybe. (They almost went off without me in the beginning. Apparently nobody was paying attention when I said "brb"!)

It is supposed to actually get cold(ish) sometime tonight. Rob said it wasn't here yet when he went for his walk an hour or so ago.
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The best money we spent on the move, other than boxes (and, y'know, the movers), was this package of newsprint from the Container Store. I thought $14.99 sounded kind of high for a pack of paper, but it was great. It's newsprint, but lighter than what's in the newspaper, sort of like extra-large sheets of tissue paper. The one package was enough for our whole apartment, including the china service for eight (and assorted gravy boats, vegetable bowls, etc - I really have the whole kit and caboodle with the china), Rob's large collection of etched glass beer mugs from various marathons, the Murano glass whale (a wedding present, that one), all of that stuff. I did finally use up the whole package, but not until the very last morning when the movers were on the way. And hardly anything broke - I think one ceramic salad plate broke, and I'm not sure it was even wrapped in the tissue at all. Hmm, maybe I should have packed the damn computer in it!

The best boxes we bought were from the Container Store also - I think we had some of all of these sizes, of which my favorite was probably the 16x12x12" ones. Not too big, not too small. We also had some bigger boxes from Sam's which on the whole did not hold up nearly as well. I flattened several of the Container Store ones back out and put them in the utility room; they were mostly in good enough shape to use again some time.

I didn't do a good job of labeling the stuff that we packed at the very last minute - some of which I still haven't found - but I did a pretty good job up to that point. I bought big fluorescent labels, I think it was a package of 15 sheets in 3 colors, and I printed "front bedroom" on one color, "back bedroom" on another, and "living room" and "kitchen" on the other. And I slapped them on boxes as I packed - I tried to get them on two sides of every box, actually, cause I figured otherwise they could be hard to spot. And I won't say that every box got to the right room, but on the whole, they mostly did. It definitely helped. I did try to write on the box what was in it, too, but that was mostly for my use, not the movers'. And I drew stars on ones I thought were especially important, and of course I wrote "fragile" all over the ones like the china.

We are inviting my dad and my stepmother to dinner sometime around Christmas, hoping that knowing they are coming will prod us to finish unpacking and maybe hang some pictures by then. Cross your fingers.

I am about to leave to go to Houston for the big quilt show, and I'm spending the night. Back late tomorrow with tired feet and lots of pictures!
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So. I went and signed up for NaBloPoMo, even though I did rather badly at it last year. Of course last year was not in any way a normal year, and November was particularly bad, because that was when it became painfully obvious that my mother was actually dying. Under the circumstances, I'm not terribly inclined to beat myself up about whether I posted enough that month. And we will just see how this goes. I'll be surprised if I actually post every day, but stranger things have happened!

We are mostly occupied this week with unpacking, getting the new computer set up, and getting the last stuff out of the old apartment. We have until Sunday to be out, technically, but one of the assistant managers called me earlier to ask if we were done or not. I don't know if she had forgotten she gave us until the 4th or what, but I told her they were welcome to come in and start working on whatever they needed to work on, but that we were still working on getting the last few things out. That mainly means this:


We have been trying in a half-hearted way to sell it but have had no takers. I don't guess it's really in line with current furniture trends or anything, but it's in pretty good shape for its age, if you have room for such a thing. (We don't, really, which is why we're trying to get rid of it.) I think my parents bought it the year I was born - i.e., 1960 - and it was in my bedroom for my entire childhood. My mother had it in her apartment after the divorce and it eventually made its way back to me. Part of me hates to get rid of it, but the fact is, it's a clutter magnet, as well as being incredibly bulky. So I called the Salvation Army and they're going to come get it on Monday. (We called the apartment management back - with a bit of trepidation - to see if they'd have a problem with us technically missing the Sunday deadline to be completely out, but apparently not. They didn't say anything about it, anyway.)

In other news, I really, really need to find Microsoft Money, and get the data from the last backup and get caught up on my finances. We have a big cushion to work with right now, of course, or we would have really been screwed. For years we lived paycheck to paycheck and I had to constantly know what our bank balance was to keep from overdrawing the account. Now that it's not so crucial I have gotten very bad about getting behind on keeping up with it. (So far my copy of MS Money has not turned up, though, and we have relatively few completely unopened boxes now. I am going to have to do some sleuthing tonight, I guess!)

Added: it took me about 5 minutes to find my copy of Money. The next sticking point: I don't know my own passwords. I have a list but it's at work!

Too early

Oct. 29th, 2007 08:14 am
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(Starting right out with the random:)

I saw a woman with an armful of roses - definitely a dozen or more - walking into work this morning. I wanted to ask if somebody gave them to her, or she was giving them to somebody, or what. She was not quite in earshot, though, or I might have.

Wow, my computer has shipped already. They originally had 11/2 as the shipping date, and I'm not surprised that it shipped earlier than that, but one business day? (It looks like it shipped on Saturday, actually.) That's pretty amazing.

Weather is still beautiful. I don't know how long it'll last - it's already been a week - but I sure do like it. (Although it's freezing in my office. We always have this problem when it's cool outside.)

I woke up at 4 this morning, stayed in bed for ages and tried to pretend I was sleepy, and finally gave up at 5:30 and got up. I was going to go to work at 7 but it ended up being 7:45 before I got there. Which just goes to show you that, as I have long maintained, I am incapable of being early. (7:45 is when I am technically supposed to be at work these days, when we are doing the flex schedule thing.)

We got a lot done this weekend. Rob did some more cleaning on the old apartment - he volunteered, I was going to hire somebody to do it - and I unpacked. There is now china in the china cabinet and books on the bookshelves and all that kind of stuff. Not to say that everything is unpacked - it's definitely not - but the number of boxes is definitely shrinking. We have to get one dresser/bureau thing out of the old apartment by next weekend - and one bed and one couch out of my mom's townhouse soon, too, though there's no definite deadline on that. We put a sign up by the mailboxes about the dresser and we will see if anybody bites. (I put "vintage" dresser on the sign - I think c. 1960 counts as vintage, don't you? It certainly would if it was clothing.) I am spending next weekend at the quilt show so I need to get that taken care of pretty soon.
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I've been meaning to post this for two days.

living (and dining) room - Sunday

Dining and living rooms - Tuesday

The "after" picture was taken on Tuesday, but I can't say it's really improved substantially since then. We haven't had time to work on it a whole lot.
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I am back online, sorta. Or rather, I am back online, but not on the computer I would like to be online with. Luckily (I suppose) we had brought my mother's two-year-old Compaq home with us over the weekend, because the Dell refuses to reboot. At all. I have no idea why, other than the fact that I'm pretty sure that a magnet - a fairly weak one, I think - does seem to have come into contact with the computer during the move. That would be bad, I suppose, right? I was too busy today to worry about it, anyway. I would really like to just buy a new computer rather than trying to fix it, but I think my husband will divorce me if I do that without convincing him it is really, really necessary first. This means I have to at least pay some pretty serious lip service to trying to fix it first. (If you're wanting to be helpful, it's not actually that it won't REboot - it won't boot at all. Nada. The power comes on, and that's it. I tried hitting F8 - that's what gets it into safe mode, right? and still nothing.)

Other than that, the move went fine. I am not blaming the movers for whatever is wrong with the computer. So when the cable guy came this morning, rather than having him try to hook up the nonfunctional computer in the living room, I had him do the one in the bedroom that actually worked. Thus, actual high-speed internet, and (for[personal profile] columbina's info) I was able to get GW up and functioning, if slightly sluggishly and with many, many pauses for downloads, just now. (We went up to Mom's house today to retrieve her microwave, which got forgotten in the press of other things yesterday, and when we passed the brand-shiny-new Best Buy on the freeway, I thought, Y'know, I shoulda just dropped the computer off with them to see what they could've made of it. But I didn't think of it then.)

Yesterday I saw my first-ever female mover. Maybe we are backwards in this part of the country, as we are in many other ways, goodness knows, but I had never ever seen a girl on a moving crew before. She was not exactly burly (not a bit) but she had some muscle somewhere because she got it done. Although admittedly I didn't really see her holding up one end of any terribly heavy furniture - the two guys on the crew seemed to be handling most of that - still, she was slinging boxes around like a pro. We had the three-pronged move going on: old apartment to new apartment to Mom's and back to new apartment, and they got it done in a bit over 5 hours, I think, which was pretty good considering there was about an hour and a half of driving in there. Everything is a mess but I do have my sewing room! Yay!


Oct. 21st, 2007 10:25 pm
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Rather uninformative pictures of the new apartment here. ('Cause there's really not that much to look at right now. Didn't stop me from taking and posting them, though!)

I told Col I was going to just quit saying I was tired, for the duration. Just take it has a given for the next couple of days. Actually I seem to have had an adrenaline rush tonight, anyway, and I am less tired than I would have thought, really.
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This has been a very long day. Tomorrow and Monday will probably be just as long. We packed up most of the kitchen this morning, in various boxes destined either for our new home or for Goodwill; then after lunch we met my aunt (and her 94-year-old father) at my mom's house, so that we could let her into the shed to get my mother's old bike. I know my mother would be happy that somebody is riding it; I certainly wouldn't. Bikes and I just don't seem to get along for some reason. Then after they left a teacher friend of my mother's came by to get some plates that she had painted from Mom - she is buying them back from us. That should make Paula happy. It's practically the only thing in the estate that's turned out to have much in the way of resale value. (There are a couple of larger items that I am thinking of taking down to the place that does ebay auctions for you - I guess it's Snappy Auctions - not so much because I think that the items are incredibly valuable as because I am curious to see how those places work. I know I wouldn't want to have to deal with mailing those items myself!) We brought Mom's computer back this afternoon so that the movers wouldn't have to deal with that. I think this computer is staying here until time for the cable man to come on Tuesday morning. Cause you know me, I can't bear to be without any internet at all.

Tomorrow - lots of last-minute packing of everything in sight, in order to be ready when the movers come on Monday. The actual move is expected to take about six hours, since it's a two-parter (old apartment to new apartment and then Mom's house to new apartment on top of that). Big fun. But then the worst should be over with, we hope. Less than 48 hours until we're moved!
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It's 3:30, and I haven't packed a thing since I got off work at noon, but I have been to Wal-Mart, and signed papers, and been to the new apartment, and have just now had a late lunch. I am exhausted. I may have to play GuildWars for a bit to recover, although I'm not sure I even have the energy for that. (Boy, I am tired.)

I called this morning to see if we would be able to get into the apartment today, and the assistant manager who answered the phone sounded really blank, and I panicked. I thought, "Oh god, they forgot. We're not going to be able to get in until next week. We're gonna have to reschedule the movers..." But no, it was just that she wasn't sure whether the apartment was 100% ready to turn over to us. There was some minor thing with the carpet and the painters, apparently, but everything looks fine to me. The carpet is brand-new, which is nice. And it turns out that even though the kitchen looks identical to our old one at first glance, it's actually slightly bigger and has more cabinets and one more silverware drawer, which is nice. And it has an icemaker, which the old one didn't. (Not that I can't live without an icemaker, of course, but still.)

I bought a bunch of crap at Wal-mart, all of which has escaped me now. I went to look at lamps, in the first place, because we have one that we bought there last spring that I liked, but they didn't have the right shade to match the one we already have. I bought a couple of new ice trays which we now don't need.  I bought a couple of fall-themed guest towels, just for the heck of it, and some fluorescent light bulbs, and a trivet, and some hooks. Useful things. I haven't been going to Wal-Mart at all lately - we have been buying groceries at Kroger's, and I had made a couple of expeditions to Target in the last week for other moving supplies - and our Wal-Mart has been in the throes of a badly-needed remodeling, and I had trouble finding things. But it does look better, I have to admit, now that the remodeling is largely done.

I am fighting the urge to go take more things over to the new place, and think about how we're going to arrange things. Oh, since we're on the first floor, the balcony has a wooden fence around it, essentially, and it's huge. It was getting some sun, which means maybe my plants will stay alive after all, if I can just remember to water them. And the fence means we can be messy out there without getting called out by the neatness police. (Actually, I'm not sure that's a good thing. I need somebody to keep me in line, after all.)


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